Tuesday thread

never never and never again shall it be that this beautiful forum will experience the oppression of waiting til gone half eight for a daily thread.

I have to go buy an orbital sander. I’m very excited.

good morning
how are you?
what are you planning on doing with your day?


Morning trickennipple. I’m not good. It’s cold and misty, I’m in a massive work slump that I’m struggling to get out of and I’m consistently tired. And I overslept. Tuesday!

Morning nips. I got up at 4am to go watch the famous sunrise at Angkor Wat but it was more like Angkor Wet and there was no sun to be seen. Then we went to the Tomb Raider temple where there’s only bloody trees growing out of the buildings. Then they tried to feed us crickets at lunch and I said no, no, no.

I’m trying to get out of my pro bono work today, because while it is of course very important to me, I’ve got approximately 73 immovable deadlines to meet by the end of the week and I think the only way I can currently meet them all is by switching to a four hour sleep cycle.

My cover isn’t getting back to me.

On the plus side, I’m still giggling about making this happen last night:



I’m okay. :sleeping:

Going to work. Got a couple of exciting deliveries coming today: some coffee beans and some bike wanker stuff.

I’ve got a bath mat and nine (9) new pairs of pants coming from Johnny L.

Big day.

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You’ve reminded me that I really need some new pants. M&S lunchtime trip it is!

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No idea if I have anything important at work today.

Seeing Shoplifters tonight.

Morning! My week has been moved around so today is a weird island of a work day in between two days off. Hard to get excited by it if I’m honest. The fact that it’s Rain City down here all day isn’t helping and the cat is chasing around like a fucking maniac. Other than that everything’s great!

ah that’s a bummer man. my workmate went on a once in a lifetime walking holiday to Bhutan and there were only two or three days where you could see further than a few hundred yards for the mist. was really gutted.

trees growing out of buildings though. you can take that to the bank.

Bought flights for Christmas last night, two weeks after initially looking and working out the best option.

The price difference between now and then was so bad.

Lessons learned? None.

Morning. Happy sending day.

Jnr wants to put the tree up this afternoon (so do I), which feels horrifically early but it was the bribe for her going to nursery this morning so I shouldn’t flake on my promise.

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Oh, she’ll remember alright.

Bit misty out…

Need to get a bit of shopping this morn. Might nip to B&Q and get a light fitting for the en-suite.

New sofas being delivered at 12ish.

Making butternut squash and bacon ‘stew’ for dinner.

My first of four days off, last little break before the madness of December at work. Up early furiously refreshing (steady on) awaiting an itinerary for something I’m doing tomorrow so I can BOOK A BLOODY TRAIN.


Weather’s meant to be proper shit this week isn’t it? Bleh.

Urgh. Feel like I didn’t even sleep.

Rest of the family back at work but R is still off sick from preschool so I actually have to be a functioning parent today.

Early Amy Winehouse lyrics?


I have a cold, it’s raining loads, and I’m underslept. So of course, it’s my birthday! Happy my birthday, everyone, enjoy yourselves.


HB Shiggles!