Tuesday thread

Morning everyone

More boring post-burglary admin at work today, then trying to get a replacement computer to work.

Seeing a mystery movie preview tonight. I wonder what it will be?


Burglary? Shit, missed that clearly!

Did you lose much? :confused:

Morning. It’s quite a pleasant looking day

Managed to get loads done yesterday, but today’s going to be busy again


I’ve been in work for half an hour already, and I’m staying until 6.30pm at least. Awful, awful day ahead.

Not really. Took my work laptop (which is due to be replaced Thursday anyway), my work pass (most annoying bit cos I work in a high security building), xbox (really old), some of my partner’s jewelry (more sentimental than monetary value), a 10 euroe note, and my earphones (bogstandard Apple ones)

Just lead to me having to do loads of boring admin cos of the work stuff.

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@guntrip how was Ralph Breaks the Internet? Please say it was good.

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Was a bit concerned going in that it was going to end up like the Emoji Movie. It didn’t.

I don’t think it quite had the sparkle of the original but I still thoroughly enjoyed it.


Good enough for me

Pretty, if cold, morning. I wonder how bored I’m going to be at work today? My guess: very.


Good morning you lovely bunch

Forgot to have my advent choc yesterday didn’t I? So did Jnr. Two extra chocs for me.

Great start.



I’m tired :sleeping:


Morning all. Last day before my ‘weekend’ after a 6 day week and I also severely cba. Not a bad commute today though


Noice! The flatlands of Suffolk can’t compete with that view.

Oh you! It’s just nice not to be walking in through the pissing rain and wind for once.

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I’ve not heard anyone except my nan use the word jiggered :heart_eyes:

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Yeah but you automatically win anyway for dog reasons.

So tired. Off today, so going Aldi, then maybe a coffee. Exciting

So sleepy this morning, could barely keep my eyes open on the tube. Loads of presents arrived yesterday and we put our wreath up so I’m feeling pretty fucking Christmassy rn.

Thank god it’s Friday

“You can’t educate pork” is my favourite of my nan’s.