Tuesday thread

Had some beers last night, woke up at 5am with a headache and a desperate need to pee :+1: Didn’t make it back to sleep so just going into work early, so I can leave at 4pm.

Going to the Christmas Deadpool thing tonight, which will be… something.

Morning Gunners!!

Got a full on day plus the school panto performance tonight, better be home for the Mighty Reds that’s all I’m saying. Won’t know what to do with my lunchtimes now I won’t be able to choreograph excellent dances and tell kids to act, act, act!!

That’s it really, should probably go dry my hair and get off the internet.


Had about 2hrs kip thanks to a screaming baby. Today is going to be fun



Got my half year review this morning. I’m tired and stressed from being overworked, so it’s a coin flip over whether I burst into tears or go full Malcolm Tucker.

Let’s hope it’s a nice calm commute today.


Went to bed at nearly 4, got woken up just before 7 by an extremely energetic 4-year-old. Got up and walked him to daycare through the snowy woods — and now I’ve just crawled back into bed. Yesssss.

Morning! My Friday today so that’s nice. Had a really good day at work yesterday cause my bossy, stressed colleague was off and everyone just went about their business quite happily. Also very much enjoying selling Christmas trees, going outside with people while they pick them then netting them up etc is making me feel all festive. Colleague is back today though so I’ll probably just hide out the back somewhere and pretend to move the booze section around.

Got a major wave of pre-Christmas dread this morning. So much too do, so little time. Making some stuff which always takes more time than I’d hope.

Also need to go library and post office. Exciting.


Woke up feeling hungover at 4.30am which is odd given I hadn’t had anything to drink.

Might start playing the lottery as really really do want to live in Spain soon please.


Morning all :wave:

I’m not massively looking forward to today. (Who is?!) I had a massive influx of emails and things to do yesterday, but was busy most of the day so didn’t get a chance to deal with them. I’ve also got a busy day today. Feels like this happens every time I get close to being on top of things.

The view out of the train window is quite nice this morning, mind. (If I could get a good photo)

That’ll do


Morning / evening all! Another 4.30 start here earlier because of jet lag. We’ve been at Melbourne museum today. We thought the dinosaurs would be the big hit, but it turned out there was a soft play room round the back where we spent most of our time.

Just had my very first Dr Oetker :pizza: should have saved it for Friday, eh?

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Morning all,

No trains for at least an hour, sat on a cold bench on a cold platform waiting for news. Overrunning engineering works, broken down train and signal failure. Sometimes, the industry is nothing less than an abject embarrassment.

The reaction to disruption and delay is pathetic. Just being told to sit tight and wait for further announcements.


Football tonight, if I can get to it.

Morning. Had a shitty morning so far. Minor breakdown when a. Plate of five scrambled eggs fell into the floor smashing the plate. Then burnt the toast, dropped the butter so the carton* it was in cracked and broke. Then I scratched my next on the cupboard door standing up. Fucking not into this m9s.

Had our first milk delivery though, so that was cool.

*what is the name for the box that butter comes in? Carton? Pot? Box?



High low. On the chrimbus countdown in a big way now, work is at a snail’s pace.

Meeting a client from the Terrence Higgins Trust today to discuss developing some units on STIs. And I thought I’d left my chlamydia days behind me… :expressionless:

Morning. Can it be Christmas now?

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FUCKING GET IN :grinning:




Is there anything better than someone cancelling a meeting?

Nice one Jezza

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