TuEsDaY tHrEaD

Morning. The sunshine woke me up, cute.

Shutting this at 10am and a few groups are still very very close, so get on it:

(It’s voting for your favourite, not your least favourites)

Please also get in the Girl Band social board voting and restore Little Mix to their rightful place before the judges need to intervene.

Morning Pervo!

Got my yellow sunshine dress on, with pockets, what can go wrong huh??


Never you fear Slickers, I got my vote in for Little Mix!

Am also wearing dress with pockets (Russian doll dress). Going to do an early morning supermarket run after I’ve had some muesli and do my washing up when I get back.

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Sleep is a wonderful thing isn’t it

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Good morning,

Annoyingly woke up at 3am. Took melatonin. Now given up on getting back to sleep properly and a bit groggy. Bring on the thunderstorms.

Yesterday was quite a weird day. Realise I am protective of both DiS and people who aggressively play identity politics and brandish anyone “woke” when the term is meaningless. Not sure why I hope I can de-radicalise anyone from extreme views but guess it’s not me to let these “views” go unchallenged.

Be good to think about how we make DiS more inclusive and I’m proud of you lot for leading on ideas like Menless Monday.

PS probably still angry about GB News and the lockdown extension (although totally justified and more angry there was no reminder to wear masks indoors)


Dont know any Little Mix songs.

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


You’d probably recognise Black Magic


Hmmm, maybe hard it before. Is ok.

Morning all!

I’m not wearing a dress today, sorry.

I’ve got three hours of assessed meetings this morning and some exam moderation to submit this afternoon.

We’re trying to get our Euro-linked meal plan off the ground properly today by making a Portuguese recipe (fried fish and vegetable rice) my friend sent. I need to get to the shop at some point for fish, rice and vegetables.

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Had a really bad sleep, then got up early so I can fill myself with drugs that hopefully mean I won’t be in pain all day and can drive to work. Now sat in the garden with the cat for a bit and it’s very pleasant actually.

I’m having salade niçoise today.

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We got woken up by the sound of Jimbo reading to himself which was very cute indeed

Sensible Rob from last night put some cold brew coffee on, so I’ve currently drinking that and thanking past me.


Our drunken PM appears to have added a new entry to the diary.


You forget how noisy the binmen are until you sleep with the windows open, don’t you? Been awake since about 6am as a result.

Feeling alright though, might go and walk up some hills in a bit actually…

Did you remonstrate with them?

I’m sure they’d be very sympathetic if you took them to task for some peace and quiet.

“I say! Bin men! Would you mind awfully…”

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I’m sure they would haha.

It’s not their fault anyway, they aren’t being deliberately noisy - it’s just a naturally noisy process, isn’t it?

Watching bad education, then getting my hair did, then driving to chorlts to meet all the top, top disers and watch some hot soccer action

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Morning :wave:

Really great Menless Monday yesterday, well done everyone :kissing_heart:


Slept pretty badly. But I am, at last, getting my first pint of vaccine today, so it’s an exciting day!