Tuesday: Thread

Morning troops! I wish you well. Its the last week of Scottish schooling and the kids are knackered. So I managed to get some coffee out on the deck this morning.


Good Morning!

May main sentiment this morning is Fuck Brighton Council. More specifically the bit who are meant to collect the bins, who didn’t do so on Tuesday last week, then didn’t act on the reports from me, my other half, and other people on the street that rubbish needed collecting (made on multiple days). Consequently we have overflow bin bags which have been ripped to shreds by the seagulls, meaning that I’ve just had to spend the last twenty minutes in the rain cleaning up decomposing household waste that’s strewn across the street.

Fuck Brighton Council.


Working in the office today. Left the house in a rush so have no breakfast or lunch with me and I’m £32 over my overdraft so can’t eat until after 6pm. No-one talk to me in the office, I’m going to be hangry

So much work to do, monthly sprint towards rent now fully active, must learn better time/capital management skills. At least its sunny, that’s a big plus

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Morning all.

Had a generally shit sleep anyway and then the dog wanted to come into the bedroom at 4am, then that bloody wren started making a racket outside and then the bin men came round but here we are.

Breakfast - quick dog walk - quick bike ride this morning.

Going to Worcester for lunch and a couple of beers with people from work before we actually go back to work in a couple of weeks.

Only got two meetings today, though one is the global internal launch of an extremely big deal thing which is going to be a thoroughly harrowing 2 hours of CW: the worst corporate crimes of the last 50 years (Bhopal, oil spills, child labour, sweat shop fires, brutal union busting, blood diamond mining etc) but with a tech a & lobbying solution to collate and campaign for justice, damages & changes in law, so that’s good

Then directly after that I have to organise/host my youngest’s birthday party with/for 15 8year-old girls. The plan was to be outside and grill hotdogs and play games and eat birthday cake etc. The weather forecast is 80% chance of thunder & lightning

I think the kittens are gonna be a bit freaked out if we have to bring everything inside (though they’re gonna be freaked out anyway if there’s thunder & lightning :zap:)

They have currently made their home under the youngest’s bed

Coolest place in the house tbh


By default, the place where a kitten is becomes the coolest place in the house

4 kittens

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1 kitten = 1 cool, so that’s sub-zero

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Does anyone know what I did to my knee?

Feel like my back is saying ‘One wrong move and you’re on your own’

where was the last place you saw it


A pigeon keeps sitting on the chimney pot above my bedroom and cooing at all hours. I want him gone.

morning all :wave:

I went to bed far too late last night and now I feel absolutely dreadful. more annoyingly, I went to bed late because I was annoyed about something and didn’t feel like I could actually get to sleep, but I can’t remember what was annoying me and now I’m annoyed about not being able to remember. genius level stuff here.

had a mini muffin already though, that was nice. wasn’t expecting a gooey centre from a muffin that small but bam, there it was, lovely stuff.

Morning all.

The sun is back.

Currently a bit irked that a throw away joke about putting it in some rice is doing better on likes than a cool photo of Dinosaur bones in the Great things social media thread. What is wrong with you all?

Need to remember to ring the Student loans company today to get them to give back the month they took whilst HMRC got their thumbs out of their arses to send my work the stop notice for payments.


last day in the office for a very long while today (i enter the third trimester tomorrow and it’s recommended that i don’t go into work from then on)

my team have surprised me (i thought it was just going to be me and my boss) - if i’d have known, i’d have made more effort than looking like an extra from singles (yes i also have a plaid shirt on)


Morning morning

Another rainy day off but that’s cool because I don’t have anything to do except drink tea, eat toast, read my book and watch films.

Going to make Meera Sodha’s chilli tofu tonight :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

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Just having toast - gonna brave weather shortly to go pick up a prescription for my daughter at the hospital (her latest piercing went very very bad but it’s out and seems to be on the mend now after a trip to a and e last night)

I have a cinema date later but I’ve no idea what I’m seeing or anything. I’ve not been to the cinema for a very long time

really like the hair @escutcheon

lovely sunny day here, so gonna have to get out for some park reading or do some quick arranging for a pub visit post-work

kitchen is a bomb site from making pasta and cookies last night and not quite ready to tackle it all just yet

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