Morning folks, fleeting visit with coffee at work, most importantly have a good day if you CAN.


Spent the first night of our holiday (spoilering for the squeamish) hunched over the toilet violently vomiting. Feel like absolute trash. Holiday wooo…

Morning @midnightpunk
Morning and commiserations @Twinkletoes - holiday sickness is the worst. I take it you can rule out stuff everyone else ate if it’s just you? Hopefully it’s over soon.

My daughter is starting to get the hang of riding bike but so much griping and being hard on herself. I got her to practice a bit by agreeing to buy her a Squishmallow as previously I’d baulked at the ridiculous cost of delivery on the few places I could find stocking them.

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That does not sound fun



Today will be mainly taking a long, hard, existential look at my life, career and goals and trying to choose & plan a path forward

It has not got off to the most auspicious start as the cat puked under the table at breakfast and is now puking in the hall

Best advice for bike ride practice:

Does she have a friend local to you who is also a bike novice but a little step ahead of her? Pair them up, she will learn fast an enjoy it much more as an activity with a friend than something her dad is watching and judging (I know you’re not judgemental but all kids feel the pressure of doing things ’right’ in front of their parents)

Think it’s a bug. Wife, a colleague and his family have all had a similar episode in the past few weeks so hoping it’s short and sharp like theirs…

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Obviously this actually means

’I will be posting on here all day’


Do you have a Biky Biky? We had the same for months with M, then we bought one and she nailed it after two days. Can’t recommend it enough, not least for how much it saves your back.

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Starting the day at the midwife, then meeting a company for an ‘introductory chat’. Absolutely knackered tbh

I’ve got a 9 o’clock meeting that I completely forgot to do the prep work for. Normally I’d go “oh sorry, been really busy, didn’t get to it this time, dog ate my homework” etc but I did that last time so can’t do it twice in a row.

Going to get some cereal in my face then blag like I’ve never blagged before. A lifetime of half-arsing things has prepared me for this moment.


Really hate Tuesdays. Worst day of the week by far.

Sadly the answer to this is no.

And also sadly if the answer to this were ‘yes’ I would still be breaking lockdown rules!

The upside to lockdown is that we pretty much have our pick of large car parks near by.

They’re incredible aren’t they. Can’t believe how quick M learned with one after not bothering to use her balance bike etc.

Back to the bloody hospital at some point again today for a second attempt at turning the breech baby. Silly, silly baby.

Nothing to report otherwise. Got some bits arriving from Amazon today in three separate fucking parcels. Honestly I hate Amazon and haven’t used them for years and now after this shit I am fairly sure I’ll bin them off again.


Nah, @scout mentioned them a while back but they’re not available over here. She’s actually doing okay, can go 20m down the path, it’s just that she’s very much a ‘give up’ type and gets angry if anything goes slightly wrong so it’s just little steps.

As long as she can get to a certain level I think we’ll be good. I just hope she won’t get so far then just not be bothered. Her bike seat is a bit too low but if I raise it she gets scared her toes don’t touch. And she wants a lighter bike but obviously that’s cash and right now (in a lockdown) isn’t really the time to be able to out a bunch of bikes or sell her current one.

She surprised me with swimming and suddenly becoming an absolute deep end playing diver in a few weeks at one point so hopefully it’ll happen here.

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What a silly baby! Hope all goes well


Ngl I thought chuff was being cutesy and asking if you had your own bike


Yeah, (my) M hated her balance bike and couldn’t get the hang of it at all, and when I held her up she’d just lean in to me rather than staying level. She loved having the Biky Biky on and it made such a difference. I also really enjoyed her having a handle on her back even when we were just walking in the park as it meant I could just hoist her up and deposit her somewhere else when she inevitably got in someone’s way.

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(I don’t.)