Morning DiS, at work here for the first time in 4 days and from all the signs I can see it is going to be a busy one.

Superquick coffee then will dash. Fell asleep last night feeling like I was floating in space with the most fabulous soundtrack in my head. All this due to the Outer Wilds which has really captured my already over active imagination. Not since Tetris has a game intruded into my drifting off. Would hugely recommend if you ever get the chance.



  • The Blind Date Theme
  • Whatever this Outer Wilds Thing Is

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Today’s my birthday, which (if memory serves, hope I’ve got this right) means far more importantly it’s also the birthday of @Funkhouser. Hb pal! :tada:




Happy birthday to @stupidsexyflanders and @Funkhouser!!! WOohooo!


You have! And not more importantly at all you chump! Happy birthday :partying_face:


Off to work. V has just made a Quorn bacon sandwich, on a Tuesday! Before school!
What an indulgence.

Happiest of days to the beautiful @Funkhouser and the superstar @stupidsexyflanders have wonderful days! X


Happy birthday my good dudes!

Have somehow escaped the norovirus that laid out my entire family and everyone’s feeling better. Eldest can’t go to school today though so I’ve got a surprise day off with her which is nice. Might sneak off to Dino Golf as a treat for her (actually a treat for me of course so win win)


Happy birthday to a pair of legends!

I’m up early to do the London commute as I want to see some friends after work, would happily cancel it all now if I could, am knackered.

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I’m up early (for me) for a pre work yoga class.

Got a pub date tonight

Thank goodness, that could have gone badly :sweat_smile:

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Happy birthday folks! :birthday:

I’m going out on the North Atlantic to look at wildlife on a little fishing boat in gale force winds, seems like a silly idea really. Wearing my new Julia Jacklin jumper so at least it will be a cosy death :eagle:


Not at work until 3pm, dropping the kid off at nursery, so have around 6hrs to myself today :scream:. Might have a nap or something

Da-na-na, na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na…

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Morning all.

The plan was to be in the office today. However several of us are awaiting pcr results after one of our colleagues tested positive following an in person meeting on Friday.

As I spent the weekend around a lot of elderly relatives I’m a bit distracted.

In positive news we got a beautiful Georgian table and an ercol sideboard from an antiques place in Lancaster yesterday. Before I found out I needed a test. Track and trace will be fun if it comes back positive.

Good morning all and HB to @Funkhouser and @stupidsexyflanders!

Just having my porridge and then I’ll take small, furry animal for a walk.

Got a bike computer being delivered later this morning and need to do a bit of shopping, so I’ll be going the long way round to the supermarket to test it out.

Nowt planned for this afternoon. Lawn looks like it need mowing again, so maybe that.

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Going to use yesterday’s flu jab as an excuse to take at least the morning off work, but it’s really a terminal case of the cbas.


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Up at the park with Jackson. I have Robbie Williams Candy in my head.

I woke up with the Blankety Blank theme tune stuck in my head. Just to add something else to the mix.

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HP BD SSF & @Funkhouser ! :cake: :beers:

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