Hmm might have to do some work at at some point

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Managed to order a new carpet for my bedroom after 2 trips to carpetright - how does anyone do it?

Anyway it’s done but carpetright are also feeling the crunch of the driver shortage and it’s going to be several weeks till it’s fitted, which is annoying cos I can’t finish my bedroom properly till it’s in

On a super boring note re:energy prices, current advice is to look for cheapest fix you can find as the price cap is likely to go up again in April. Moneysavingexpert does an energy club where they’ll show you the cheapest ones. I’ve just switched (monthly cost still double what we were paying til now). If anyone does it and finds Eon is their cheapest I have a referral code that gets us both £50 :smiley:

Just did a proper stank face at a beautiful vintage car (metallic ice blue, maybe?) that drove by


I care zero about cars unless they’re old and shiny and overly grand. And then I just more importantly want to have a matching coloured guitar anyway

hello is there a bake off thread yet


yeah found it thanks x

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Best sick day ever


There’s no way that fence is holding a T-rex back. Run away!!

Just saw a menu with an Irn Bru margarita and now I gotta get it don’t i

Actually took a bit of persuasion to stop my daughter worrying about being eaten, bless.

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That’s the one! Lots of interesting smells up there.

There is a sewage farm next door. Our lad likes to point out the dinosaurs every bloody time we go to B&Q. Should take him but, I don’t think he’ll get golf yet best to just take him to Bents so he can stare at the ones there for a bit.

I live in Urmston so I’m quite used to everywhere smelling of shit, it’s been a lot better recently though. When you get closer to the source it’s definitely worse!

My daughter mostly plays golf like she’s playing hockey and cheats loads but she always enjoys herself. That said she got three legit hole in ones which was three more than me.

helped my auntie move house on saturday and she didn’t bother telling me before i came that my uncle had a bad cough (which he didn’t take a covid test for) and now i’ve caught it off him obv. just taken a negative self test thankfully but still annoyed about it

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Anyone got any links for good paneer curry recipes? Bored of making my generic curry all the time with the same tried and tested handful of spices. Want to do something a bit different.

Can’t remember how different these three are but I’ve bookmarked them for a reason. The kati rolls and the Meera Sodha ones are both tasty.

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Maybe I’ll watch bake off just so i can join in the conversation

Sad that it’s come to this


Not a curry but my boyfriend makes this sometimes and it looks/smells nice (I can’t eat it myself)

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