Tuesday morning late September, howdy.


Morning mp, hello everyone else who posts (and those who lurk) :wave:

Full day of lecturing today. Is it Christmas yet?!



I am in a virtual queue trying to secure isolation so I can go home for Xmas

Number of users in queue ahead of you: 2910

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Not Xmas quite yet. At work here and feeling the Tuesday tiredness but it’s my last super early shift for a while and coffee will get me moving.

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Morning morning.

It is once again rainy and it’s work.

Got a bit of a throat and cold as has V. Negative tests so off I go…got an excellent new blouse on though.


are you speaking robot to me

Got a new dishwasher being delivered this morning. Last time I got a new appliance delivered, Muffin the dog visited, so fingers crossed


Morning all. Woke up with a headache. CBA.

Morning very tired need some sort of caffine to kick myself into gear. Co-op do a chocolate doughnut with a chocolate ganache filling quite tempted.

Noticed when I was going to bed last night that there’s a small water leak in the bathroom. Need to somehow fit in a trip to Wickes today now. Joy

Still feel :toilet:, but have a totally free day after dropping the eldest at nursery. Got a couple of errands to run, but no “daddy I want a hug” or “more medicine pleeeeaaaassse”. Probably not well enough for a big walk mind. Might make a curry later. @dktrfaustus got a nice paneer recipe?

Morning troops. Still off work, first day of holiday properly. Quite excited by it. Might grab the dog and go for a walk up the windfarm or to pollok Park.

Need to buy groceries and a brake light for the car. And play Crash Team Racing, ofc.

Nearly at work for an early start

Got one of those weeks where it’ll be a bit mindbreaking but will ease a huge amount of pressure on me and my team, and also from the side-jobs.

And then on Friday I go to Brussels so I’m super excited

Finding it very hard to get up this month, my body isn’t adjusting to the changes in daylight. So I’m late and therefore cursed to ride the bus instead of walking in. No masks, closed windows, someone sat right next to me. Why do we have jobs again?

DiS is too new for my ipad now, RIP

Morning all

I’m the office for the start of our new regular Tuesday team working days. It rained on me on my walk to the tram but has brightened up a bit now.

People on the tram being a bit better with masks today it seems. Maybe at 50%.

Now we’re doing one day a week in the office I’m really not looking forward to the point where getting up, the whole commute in and the whole journey home are in the dark.


Dog is still a bit poorly, need to try and take him for a little walk today though.

Planned a little bike ride but not sure I cba. Forecast says it’s going to piss down from about 10am onwards and I’m expecting a couple of deliveries too.

Might just have a lazy day instead.

At least with one day you can maybe treat it as some sort of novelty? Like you’re getting up early to go on holiday. Obviously you’re setting yourself up for severe disappointment that way too though when you don’t in fact catch a plane anywhere.

I’m in full time though staying home on Mondays regardless.