Tuesday thread

No daily thread yet? I’m awake too early

Please post about your day here

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I have to take my car for its MOT today, pending the results of my boyfriend’s LFT (we both tested negative yesterday when he had a sore throat but he’s now coughing so I thought best to do another one. I still can’t decide if I’m coming down with something or not)

Can’t understand why past me booked the MOT for a morning and not an afternoon. What was I thinking?

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It cold.

Nice and sunny though.

Back to the old routine of bike ride, dog walk and not much else for the next couple of weeks for me.

Morning all!

I woke up for a wee in the middle of the night and couldn’t get back to sleep so I’m barely functional through tiredness.

Luckily I’m only teaching until midday but I am not feeling it.

I’m supposed to be seeing Dinosaur Jr tonight but I’m not sure if I can be bothered leaving the house.

Cold out. About to do the long walk to drop kiddo off at school then schlep into town for a day at work. Wooo

First time it has been cold here. Holding firm on the No Heating mantra.#noheating #saversafari


My boyfriend put ours on the other day, when it was 18 degrees outside, because we were getting a lot of condensation on the windows. I took the alternative approach of opening the windows for a few hours to get some air circulation going.

I’ve been tempted to turn it off again because it’s verging on too warm, even for me, and I’m reluctant to touch the thermostat because it’s never worked properly. But if it’s colder today then maybe it should stay on.

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Thought about putting my slippers on but couldn’t be arsed to go back upstairs to find them.

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Decent sleep last night so I’m not feeling as broken as yesterday. Got lots of work to try and get done before we take small spicer out for his first jabs - a bit worried to see how he’ll react as he’s already got a lot going on making him unhappy at the minute.

State of this toilet I went to earlier.


Fucking hell! Just checked the weather because I’ve got to walk back from the MOT place and it’s 3 degrees outside. When did that happen? It’s so nice and sunny!

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Taps aff

Cold and sunny here, and as everyone knows that’s the best weather possible. The APC website is down for maintenance so I can’t do any work until it’s back up. Oh dear.

Hate this cat



Got a really annoying tickly cough but my covid test was negative (mum is still testing positive)

I’m grumpy.

Hi Grumpy, I’m Funkhouser

:heart: :heart: :heart:

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Bruv in law and his gf have now headed back to Belgium as of 7am

Was a good if manic weekend and last night went to see a musical which…, was fine. Kind of need a week of zen calm now to recover



Lemonheads were pretty chaotic last night, it was ok in moments but I think most of the audience were not impressed

Works gonna be hard today

stayed up to 2 for no reason, abso drained today

big fat zero on the plan front, and that’s cool with me

Was about 2ft away from a kingfisher, just down the road from where I saw yesterdays heron. Stunning