Tuesday thread

I was going to ask about that - I saw comments from two other people who were there saying it was a shambles and that loads of people left early

Anyway, morning!

It went down to 4 degrees here, but we held off from putting the heating on… for now at least.

Nothing exciting going on today, but you should make your own excitement, shouldn’t you? Get on it Rob!

Narrator: Xylo did not have a week of zen calm

The accuracy :’(

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Worked on album artwork during the morning meeting


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He started with a rambling solo acoustic set - mix of non IASAR songs and covers , seemed very pissed. I saw people leaving during that

It picked up when the rest of the band joined for IASAR - he was fine with the rhythm guitar and singing was ok - but there were some pretty hilariously off key guitar solos

It was better than I feared it might have been - I think people would have responded better if he’d gone straight into IASAR with a full band

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He’s such a tory

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Good morning :wave:



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Hiii :blush: :wave: :wave:

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Had a meeting with my accountant (I have an accountant now :nail_care:) and they didn’t say “double entry” once. Gutted.

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It’s lovely out there and I saw some moo cows.


Alright DiS,

Currently watching Shudder cause October and drinking out of my Halloween mug which I finally got :

Its not one of the really nice ones from yesterday @Scout :pensive: But was only £3.50 from ASDA meaning if i can get another one cheap enough I can have 2! Might try TK Maxx tomorrow.

Today has been Simply Play baby group which was nice, then ASDA and now home. In good time too as looks like its about to rain.

Mr s_w still away at conference so feeling a bit lonely, but i do have a nice tea to look forward to tonight and more of The Midnight Club.


A pretty nothing day so far, but did see my favourite local dog just


think i’m getting sick wah

minestrone and green health juice to the rescue

@Squandered post more

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That is a magnificent dog.

One day I will have made friends with them, they were busy today watching the squirrels.


Does anyone know the answer to this? I keep having to re-do this whole module because I keep getting this question wrong.

Surely they’re all contamination risks?

Got it now, dnw