Tuesday thread

Absolutely not


Yep, absolutely freezing here. To make matters worse, I keep rolling the wheels of my office chair over my fleece blanket. It’s a right mess.

Nevertheless, the :sun_with_face: DAYLIGHT UPDATE! :sun_with_face: will go on!

:sunny: :crescent_moon: Daylight :heavy_plus_sign:
King’s Lynn 08:01 16:15 08:14:40 +2:38
London 07:57 16:23 08:25:36 +2:29
Glasgow 08:35 16:19 07:43:45 +3:04
Manchester 08:15 16:23 08:08:00 +2:43
The Beer Factory, Devon 08:07 16:43 08:35:29 +2:21
Newcastle 08:20 16:13 07:53:08 +2:56
Cardiff 08:10 16:35 08:25:50 +2:29
Belfast 08:35 16:32 07:57:04 +2:53

Check out :scotland: Glasgow :scotland: with its extra THREE MINUTES of daylight today! Swoon


First day of WFH since getting back to the UK, patiently awaiting a big round of ASDA delivery and gonna make a jambalaya tonight.

Cooooooold :cold_face:

So tired today . Yesterday I started a tolerance break from the old :herb:, and as I feared I would, I slept very very poorly last night. couldn’t get off for ages and woke up about 4:30

Just going to be mainlining the old caffeinated hot drinks this morning


We all had the tiniest of lie ins this morning - normally Jimbo’s internal alarm clock means that he wakes at 7am on the dot, but today he didn’t surface until about twenty past. It’s surprising how much of a difference it’s made.

Anyway, I’ve got far too much work on this week. I’m not quite sure how it’s ended up like this - it’s been quiet for ages, but it seems that everything has started up again for the new year.

Car won’t start, got to do a 6 mile round trip for school/nursery run and try and be back on time for the AA man. fucking rubbish man

Baby woke up every hour last night, finally caved at 5 and got up but feeling broken. Think a large part down to how cold it was.

Freelance bits today and I have an introductory call with a life/work coach which I’m going to try out as potentially it could be really helpful this year, but have no idea what to expect. May expand more in the career/existential crisis thread later.

Urgh, back to shit night’s sleep again, managed to settle kiddo at 3:30am after my partner being up with her for hours. Fed up.

Managed to break my favourite mug this morning unloading the dishwasher, no idea how, it managed to bounce out of my hand and on to our tiled floor. Fantastic. As if yesterday wasn’t a shitter for putting me in a bad mood. Fuck off this week and fuck off it being -4.

Morning DiS,

Cold today :cold_face:

Fortunately not got to go out till just before 2pm when the met office says itll have reached a tropical 3 degrees. Mini has another nursery visit so i have 45 mins to myself. Then at 4.30pm i have a dental assessment for this dying wisdom tooth removal to see if they can do it in the clinic or if it’s a hospital procedure.

Having a coffee now and still in pjs and dressing gown which is nice.

Checking in on the cold front here as well, although apparently as the sun is out it’s all smiles and kites according to Google


Slow reading progress as this is a pretty tricky book, but does feel nice to actually use my brain this early

Coffee, listened to some BODEGA, now off to enjoy some email joy and maybe blast some Hold Steady

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Just chucked some hot chocolate in my porridge, worked well


Used to stir Nutella in mine so you’re just making it extra efficient

I just opened PowerPoint and noticed it has a “recommended for you” section, where it’s just… recommending me other people’s PowerPoints. Here are some PowerPoints you may like based on other PowerPoints you’ve looked at! The most boring streaming service ever.


Fucking freezing, had to put the heat on.
Slept really well, went for a swim then had beans on toast and hard boiled egg for breakfast, and now sending my little emails tapping on my little laptop. Was off most of last week so still warming up imo. Got about 4 hours of meetings today and then in the office tomorrow so hoping for a not stressful week.


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AA out, new batter required. Car currently in the garage, bank account gonna be rinsed

Just had a call on my mobile from a number which was exactly the same as mine except for the last 3 digits

no egg today