Tuesday thread



yo. what you got on today?

got a few bits of life admin to carry out, including finally getting my hair cut. this matter has been bothering me for some time now, but I can’t put this shit off any longer

probably gonna phone my old hairdressers place and get the boss to read off the CV’s of each individual stylist, before making this most important decision.

other than that - nowt to report



Beer and pizza today. Heading to Blackpool tomorrow and staying in the second worst hotel in Blackpool. I’m not sure how this situation came about but although I booked with free cancellation and I could switch to a nicer place the rest of my pals didn’t. Solidarity I guess.


2nd day of jury service. obviously can’t talk about it yet can I


Morning skills, mcshine, M_w_t.

Been awake since five. Watched the Big Star documentary again and read a few articles. Don’t know why my brain thought I only needed four hours sleep but there you go.

I have a fair bit to do today, including chasing down cash I’m owed for jobs, writing two articles and prepping my CV for another job application.


I love that documentary <33


It’s so good! I may have cried a bit when Alex Chilton passes away in it so it probably wasn’t the best idea to start watching it at six in the morning. I did remember Andy Hummel wrote ‘Way Out West’ though so that was a plus!


Morning all! Got up early to climb - it’s so dark these days. Used to get a glorious sunrise on my cycle - not in the depths of Winter 1.
For the rest of the day I will be working then cooking then watching TV.





Nothing to report.





feeling really bloody glum :cry:


Aw :frowning2: Any particular reason?


I don’t think so – work’s fine, everything else is fine. Just finding it increasingly difficult to get out of bed in the mornings and just… bleurgh. Mild SAD?


you should get one of those light things. don’t know anything about them other than they sometimes make people with SAD feel a little less glum


Morning. Also feeling glum, got lots on at work too so that’s a bad combo.


Also feeling a bit glum in a “My life is feeling a bit upsetting and stressful right now and we have 5 months of dark mornings and long evenings ahead and can I hibernate until March please” vibe. Hopefully it will pass.

Found out a family friend died of cancer yesterday which a) isn’t helping but also b) should make me wake up and stop moaning. Life, eh?


I’m absolutely going to do this. My morning energy levels are completely non-existent when I wake up and it’s dark.


I just hit myself in the mouth while trying to put my cardigan on :weary:


Weather is pretty shitty, yes. Do you think you’ll keep up with the cycling through the winter? There’s something quite nice about getting all wrapped up when it’s freezing, but I do get a bit scared of stacking it on a patch of ice


sorry to hear that, bud. re point b) - I find myself in times of real personal adversity thinking about people who really have it bad and get strength from this.

life could be so, so much worse, but we’re all (some of us) so wrapped up in our own pathetic neurosis that we lose sight of the pleasures to be found every day in life. so what if it’s dark and cold. fucking hell, I have food, a roof over my head, some shoes etc

or something