Tuesday thread



Don’t get too jealous guys but I’m off to see the London Philharmonic Choir and Orchestra belt out a few carols at the Albert Hall tonight. Compere is none other than Alan Titmouse MBE, DL, HonFSE (born 2 May 1949).


The rest of this day and thread is just a footnote.


Heh, his surname has ‘mouse’ in it


Not much to report. Not getting enough sleep at the moment - looking forward to the Christmas break.


I feel like Alan sang all the time on Ground Force, didn’t he?




Hope they pull the theme tune out, be rude not too backed by the Philharmonic.


Today’s my… Sunday, I guess? (I’m in work the rest of the week and for three days next week). The doorbell rang earlier and I thought it was the postman delivering my Secret Santa present, but it was someone delivering two homemade gingerbread houses.


*Isle of Wight High Sheriff 2008-09


Got a doctors appointment tonight (just to get a repeat prescription renewed, boooring) and then we might go to the cinema but in reality this will not happen.

Had lovely :pizza: and lovely :beer: last night.


Still waiting for the interview I did to go live & get me famous among the synth nerds of the world - been told that will happen today now instead of yesterday because I made them change the URL :’)

Other than that, trying to plan myself a website structure & pitch for world domination in '017

Standard Tuesday


My cousin is playing violin in that. Wave hi for me!


Not much on today. Totally broke so gonna stay in I think.

That susanalbumparty tag always makes me chuckle.


I’ve got the same birthday as Alan!! Which of course means we’re basically the same person. I’ll be seeing you tonight @Jeremys_Iron :wink:


I am braving the shops with my friend.
I doubt we’ll do much and will just end up sacking it off for burgers.


I’m bringing this for you to sign


He didn’t sing about them. It was unmentionable.


I’m such a sexy bastard, I’ll sign anything you want. ANYTHING.


I imagine Alan would be stood centre stage bopping to this?


Not sure which delivery would be better :grinning:


Trowel and Error

Trowel and Error