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Is it, aye

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Got an Olympic cycling fifty pence piece in my change yesterday - today can only be an improvement


Train cancellation so took a different route. Realised at the end of the line I had taken the wrong train in the opposite direction. Checked best journey option on 9292 and it basically said “sit down and wait for the train to go the other way again and own your shame when other people look and wonder why you didn’t move”.


There are about a dozen guinea pig poos it’s managed to get from its cage to the kitchen floor. Tuesday.


Good morning cowcow, epimer, all,

Maybe I should phone in sick today. I’m not sick, not really, I’ve got the sniffles but that’s it, but I really can’t be arsed. Should drag myself out of bed before I get too comfy with the idea.

Hug the Guinea pig


Never! I have now learned its name but I don’t want to dox it

Also, this guinea pig has been bought to keep her other guinea pig company. That other guinea pig isn’t going to be back from Berlin for another couple of months at least. This one presumably lived with its siblings at Pets At Home or similar. So now there are not one but two lonely guinea pigs.

Morning. Off to Bristol on a bit. Gonna give the kid her brekkie and get her changed and then we’re off.

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You’re going to have fun being a father :slightly_smiling_face:

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Don’t make me get out of bed I don’t wanna



Hug me once and I’ll stop the pooping. Maybe we could even be mates. But it all starts with a hug. Hug me. Go on.


Put it in the garden??

Bristol in the sun is the best. Have a great day,!

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The guinea pig you’re replacing made the same bargain when it stayed with us in Brixton and it played me for a fool. Not this time.


Apparently that’s mean

I’ll wave when I’m going through Wiltshire

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