Tuesday - Title has already been used

My Dad has 14 Guinea Pigs. That’s a lot of poop. Mind you they are outside, but in special connected hutches (are they called hutches?)

Pig Castles. I prefer that name.


No don’t ‘put me in the garden’, there’ll be no putting me in the garden thank you Slicky.

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Morning :cow: :cow2: , all,

I’ve done a right mischief to one of the muscles in my right forearm. I think it’s my first lifting injury, and It’s causing me mild sadness that I won’t now be able to lift for a few weeks. Problem is, I’ve got two parcels that were delivered to my office, and one of them is considerably heavier than I was expecting, and now I’ve got to carry it all the way to the car at great risk of further much more life threatening injury. I think I’m just going to have the bite the bullet and take them down now, rather than risking showing myself up in front of god knows how many of my nameless colleagues later in the day. Also, If I am struck down with something really serious, like slightly more of a sprain, then I might be able to take the day off and bask in that sunshine I’m seeing so much about, out of the windows that are just now having the blinds wound open on. Gosh, really nice out there. No wonder it was so nice on my way in this morning.

Off to see Rumours of Fleetwood Mac later. This is I think, the third different FM cover bands we’ve seen. Really frustratingly, after we were bought tickets to this, Wheatus announced a gig in town too, so I’m missing them. Last time I saw them, (Sure I’ve written this on here before) they asked the crowd what they should play next and most people seemed to be yelling first album song and I yelled for BMX Bandits and I think they seemed a little bit surprised, even though it had been a single. They played my jam and I lost my shit, then, @Gnometorious noticed a young kid near us brandishing a toy weapon (sword I think, although it might have been a gun) and she convinced the kid that weapons are rubbish, and to give it back to their parents and have a dance with her instead and they had a wonderful time.

Right, I’m off to the car. Talk to you soon.


It was a gun! If it was a sword I’d probably have found a stick and duelled her.
Good times!


Good morning so far apart from stupid anxiety about almost everything lately.

How do I encourage worms in the garden? Shall I start a compost bin?

That makes more sense, you are after all, a duelling gnome.

Caught me red handed
Shitting on the kitchen floor


Steady droppin’

Drop drop droppin’ on Aphex’s floor, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

(g’n’r version obvs)

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Very loud bottle collection outside my hotel room at 5:45 this morning, so that was great.

Buffet breakfast tho, gonna eat tiny muffins until I feel sick :+1:

Think ive pulled a muscle in my neck/left shoulder. Been annoying for a while now and cant sleep with ny right arm (face down) under the pillow for long.
Feels like theres a blockage of blood from right side of neck upwards and downwards and subsides somewhat if i push on those big bulging bits of my neck?? Got a headache on my right brain now thinking about it :nauseated_face:

Commuter crush sat next to me again. Might prepare a tight 5 minutes of broadcast standard observational bants for next time

Morning all!

We’re going to baby ballet this morning. It looks quite nice outside so we’ll hopefully play in the garden afterwards.

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Smallest irn bru ever?

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Your hand is massive.


Walked round the corner into the kitchen to overhear some detailed GoT chat just now. That gnome really dodged a bullet on that one.

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Still a bit fuzzy after Primal Scream last night - what a gig. I’m still agog that they’d play somewhere so small.

Days of the week are a bit confused this week - WFH Monday and Thursday with Friday booked off. So what does that make today?

Rewatched Avengers last night and there was a bottle of Irn Bru in the background of one scene.

It was bigger than that one though.

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