Tuesday today evening


Got a man round to look at my boiler…
Already seen the part costs £20… not sure how much his quote will end up being. :confused:

Been for a run.

Deadline for a job is tomorrow… not sure I should apply. Would mean writing a CV tonight.

Beans in toast for tea.

What you got?


Also had beanzy toast. Feeling quite tired after my ineffective day of enrolment.


Bout to go for a run for the first time in two weeks, this’ll be painful I think.


I’d like a beer.


Sounds like tonight us beans on toast night for the boards! :smiley:


I have sunburn & the stupidest tanline

Edit: yeah, delete that


Vuelta highlights not until 10pm :cry:


Drinking beer on the beach (alone, alone)

Might have been in toast for tea when I get back, got half a tin in the fridge


Waiting in McDonalds before rehearsal so I reviewed a drink.



Spotted miserable old kenco hanging out his window again.


Bet he’s absolutely loving that though. I’d like to hang out of a window.


Haha well I’m sure you could If you really wanted to!


£130 all in :sob:
Ah well at least it wasn’t winter when it broke.


Just went to look at a house to potentially buy for the first time.


Meant to be at a turbo class but I sacked it off.

Carried this home earlier:

Gonna have a cup of tea and then commencement CHORES urgh



Was it nice ?


:smiley: you’ve got the best happy face


got a jacket potato in, gonna watch some carabao cup
hoping to get out to the pub later to pay my respects to the recently-deceased pub cat, theres gonna be a plaque unveiling and a buffet
here he is look : (


is that the Evans in Dulwich?


You betcha.

They are so bloody lovely in there.