Tuesday tue early

I’m already up, dressed, outside and on my way to the train station. Utterly horrific time to be travelling when it’s not to go on holiday.

What’s going on today m9s?

I’m off to the Festival of Place, pretty excited. Forgot a notebook so hopefully can find one in the station that meets my stationery expectations.


Morning scout my lovely

Well, it’s work and my class has so many Covid cases we are shut in our own bubble so that’s a fun day to negotiate with people shouting unclean etc in a ‘not really funny anymore’ style when we venture beyond the room. :person_shrugging:

Better get movin’


Morning Scouto, Slicko, everyone yet to post(o)

Another night of the cat being a fucking menace and making loads of noise intermittently, so I’m tired now. Hopefully got a fairly easy day down the beer mines then cooking dinner for my sister and BiL later.

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Good morning party people

Nothing to report, nothing too exciting going on today. I might avoid work for a bit to fix the pull switch in the bathroom - I wonder where our fuse box is?

Morning all :wave:

I was up and about early - had a haircut appointment at 7am. Home now, showered and ready to start the day (woo)

Sky looked nice this morning


2 job interviews on my birthday. Fuck that


Happy birthday JT2K1! :partying_face:

And good luck with your interviews :+1:


Happy birthday pal! :partying_face:

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Happy birthday @jont2001! Make sure you are wearing a big birthday boy badge in the interview and they’ll probably just give you the job.

Sky was also nice in Bristol this morning, if not quite as dramatic as in @colon_closed_bracket’s neck of the woods


Morning all! Dog kept waking me up through the night so it’s a sleepy morning. Training some new people today but luckily they’ll mostly be looking at a presentation and not my zombie face.

Happy birthday and good luck @jont2001 !

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Eight o’clock meeting so it’s the Fuck Off mug for me today

happy birthday @jont2001 my good man, hope you have a lovely day, and that you smash both interviews. :grinning: :+1:


Angry baby at 1am. Must be teeth related. As a result I’m very sleepy. Dropping the eldest off at nursery in a sec and then going for a walk to sainos at the end of town to pick up some curry bits. Making this


was in work pretty sharp this morn as i needed to be here for a delivery of a vehicle. the chap dropping the vehicle was one of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet and because of his natural good cheer i am in a pretty good mood. :slight_smile:


Happy Birthday :partying_face::balloon::tada::birthday:

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Slept pretty good. Got work, therapy sesh during work and a date this evening (assuming it doesn’t get postponed / cancelled like all the others recently)

Had my flu jab yesterday afternoon but no sign of any ill effects yet, my arms not even sore :muscle:

Actually on time for work today somehow :thinking: slept like I was in a tomb :ok_hand: listening to roy orbison on the bus :dark_sunglasses: need cwoffee. :coffee:

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HP BD! :cake:

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that looks lovely.