Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday (ah ah ah ah ah ah)

So I’m starting the daily thread this morning because I’m on the train to work and right opposite me is a guy who just cracked open a small baguette and just started tearing chunks off with his teeth and eating it.

For context, it’s a sunny day, the guy’s wearing a white, blue & red checked shirt and white (not cream) chinos. He is eating that dry BROWN BREAD baguette like it’s the most normal, tasty, nutritious thing in the world.

No butter, no oil, no filling, no nothing. Just bread. Straight from the plastic covering. No-one is saying anything.

He’s now reading an eBook (brand unknown) taking breaks every now and again to tear another chunk of his BREAD off with his teeth. I assume the book he is reading is about causing a scene or foods you can safely eat while wearing white trousers.

Beautiful day here, but I have a heavy cold. How’s your Tuesday shaping up?

I forgot to mention, he’s drinking an Albert Heijn coffee, and has just cracked out an EMPTY PAPER COFFEE CUP from Albert Heijn in order to pour his orange juice (Albert Heijn) into it which he is now drinking. I think it’s safe to assume the bread is from Albert Heijn too.

Doesn’t want to just drink from the bottle, needs a cup for his OJ, but tearing chunks of bread is fine.

Where is the line?

By the way, he’s wearing a wedding ring, sorry everyone.

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Tragedy! He just got off the train (at a stop, he didn’t just jump through the window).

Goodbye my beloved bread fiend, whoever you are.

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I see no problem with the bread munching.


You eat bread with nothing on / with it?

You should have said “if you love Albert Heijn so much, why don’t you marry him?”


That would have been a one way ticket to murdersville (him killing me, probably tearing chunks of me apart with his teeth).

hi mapsm and dry bread adventure man

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Hi cowtown

hamlet at best

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Not regularly but if it’s fresh then I can do. Bit dry but still tasty good.

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Morning, got a craving for brown baguette for some reason



  • I enjoy eating bread with nothing on it.
  • I enjoy eating bread, but it has to have butter or something on it at least.
  • I don’t enjoy eating bread.
  • My bread opinions are private and I’d rather not share my answer.

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Bread with nothing on it is really good.


Who the hell is Albert Heijn?

Dutch Voltron comprised of Sainsbos, Tezzas, Morrisos & Azza Dazza.




Coffee and bread dispensing cyber-cop

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