Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday (ah ah ah ah ah ah)

Yeah fresh bread baguettes are pretty cool on their own. A good fresh little baguette should have a nice, firm, rounded outside and a soft, warm, moist inside.

In my head I’m pronouncing ‘Heijn’ as ‘hine’ which implies at least one letter too many for me.

You are pronouncing it correctly

If its a proper fresh baguette, and particularly if its still warm, i can barely get out the bakery/supermarket before i tear and eat a bit off the end.

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Also, this thread sounds like you’re about to sneeze

That’s just a bit off the end though, not premeditated, and a small amount.

Hey! fever.
Hi! pollen count.

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Fingers crossed for you

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Today I am going to try to finish a piece of work that’s been looming over me for months, then see what I’ve been ignoring while trying to get it done.

Then I’m going to come home, play Zelda in my pants for a bit, then go see The Lovely Eggs, buy a t-shirt, and go home.

Up early as some idiot (me) booked the dentist for 8.45 in half term…

Off to London later, plan is imperial war museum. Is that a nice walk from tower bridge?

Baby’s due date is today, absolutely no sign of her arriving which means my plan to book a load of meetings at work which I didn’t really want to attend this week in the hope I’d be on paternity leave hasn’t played out how I wanted at all.


Ohhhh, so that’s why my phone is telling me there’s no traffic.

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Good luck Epimer, I have a long list of those pieces of works and one has gotten so urgent that one of my workmates is getting cranky about it. My 6 month review is on Wednesday too, so I really should have done something about it.

In my defence, it’s really boring work, and when he said I should have done it already, I totally agreed with him.


I’m in Barcelona and people here fucking love eating bread. Guaranteed I’ll see a few people scoffing baguettes and baguettes alone when I go for a walk soon.

Heading to the Antoni Tapies museum soon, then the Joan Miro museum, followed by the Catalonian maritime museum. Going to be a cracking day.

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I thought about finishing it over the long weekend to give myself some breathing room this week, but then I thought that’s future Epimer’s problem and I could play Zelda in my pants all weekend instead.

No ragrets.

(some regrets)

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They’re in cambridge again?? Completely missed that.

Hope it’s nothing to arduous at the dentist. I had a bout of toothache recently and had to have a filling redone. One of the few times where I was actively excited about going to the dentist.

If my memory serves me right, Imperial War Museum from Tower Bridge is through the south. I wouldn’t say it’s a particularly nice walk unless you do a roundabout route along the southbank, but I could well be wrong.

Any chance you can postpone all those meetings? You could fabricate an emergency by pouring a pint of water over something maybe

The most direct routes (avoiding the southbank) probably aren’t that nice. Best route in terms of things to look at on the way would probably be to walk along the southbank all the way round past Lambeth Palace and then up Lambeth Road. It would take a fair while but there are plenty of options to turn off from the river earlier if you wanted to shorten the route.

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I am massively jealous of your Primavera ways.