Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday (ah ah ah ah ah ah)

Wasn’t toooo bad as like UP said, the top one comes out pretty easy. Still waiting for the anaesthetic to wear off and the full pain to kick in though


I’ve definitely done this when I’ve been really hungry but needed something to tide me over before I got home.

For a long time on this board I’ve wanted to be able to post on the daily thread that I got a new job and have loads of people ^this it. Today is finally, finally that day! Sorry if this sounds in anyway bragging, I just can’t believe it.

(can’t do thises anymore so likes will have to do instead)


omg yes!!!

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way to go fopps!!

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Great news! Now go an enjoy a nice icepole.

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I’ve been feeling really miserable and ill today but I’ve just laughed at this for about five minutes straight



same. I’ve just butchered a poor cheese plant :grimacing: only now am I going to go and see what I should have done.

I have never heard thunder as loud as just now in the city of London. Totally deafening and I’m in a bloody building ffs


Awwww that pug looks just like my wee Zara.


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Hi Bam :wave:

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Got absolutely soaked on the way home from the library, makes me think I need a more heavy duty raincoat as mine did nothing. Also, turns out R doesn’t like lightening but seems fine with thunder :confused:

sounded like a bomb and shook our windows

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how’s it going?

Doing a bit better than I have been, though very up and down. How’s it going for you?

ah I’m glad you’re on an upward trajectory at least :slight_smile:

It’s ok, I’ve been worrying about my health lately and went to see the doc today, they don’t seem overly concerned so maybe I’m being irrational as usual!

I need to crack on with some music for a project this week too but I’m just not feeling it today

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“Listening to Popped In Souled Out again. Mint”

Pretty sure this is the 1st and only time this phrase will be posted in DIStory

Sweet Little Mystery is quite the tune, is that on that album?

It caused my colleague to close her window so I asked her if she was cold #longgame