Tuesday? Tuesday

Did he want it that way?


I’ve been trying to find the parents of a kid in M’s nursery online. I know one of them works for Five Live and I know her name and her husbands first name but proving hugely unsuccessful. All I want to know is their last name as it sounds cool in toddler tongue but I cant quite figure out what it is. Could just ask, if I wasnt so awkward and scared of sounding like a stalker…much rather act like a stalker instead .


Was up at 5.15am for work, and was in at 6.15am, and it was glorious watching the sun rise over the irish sea.

Forgot my wedding rings today, so feel really really naked.

There’s a thread in this.

Save it for selfie day.


Morning cherubs. Threeeee days left of work. So close. Celebrated by getting an overpriced smoothie from across the way. Going to try and do some threads today as it has been really quiet here for a while, and I need precious content to get through the next few days.


Can’t believe I’m going to waste a rare good hair day on the Dutch, of all people. The Dutch.

Lovely refreshing breeze in north Cambridge today, coming in over the Milton sewage works.

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I work with someone who used to work for the South Lanarkshire Council gardening apprenticeship department.

They were based in Daldowie, just off the M74, and depending on which way the wind was blowing either had the aroma from the landfill site or the scent of burning human flesh from the crematorium.


(Going past Milton on the A14 is the perfect place to do a car fart)

Morning, was on the train at half 6 but slept like a log for 2 hours. Scout has directed me to a coffee shop opposite o’sheas which is very funny


Just remembered this subreddit exists


it’s the best


My voice has gone.

Just trying to lay low today please.

Dreading having to pick up my pedal from the jovial lads latter


I’ve got a packed morning when I’d much rather being taking it easy. I seem to be dealing with people whose sole aim is to frustrate me. Oh, and I also have to give someone’s appraisal, who hasn’t done a bunch of things I’d asked him to do, which I’ll be reminding him of. Is it hometime yet?

Hey everyone

WFH, today is my Friday.

Better get on with it


New looper though. Dae it.

Feel like it’s tarnished having been in their clutches

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Still applying for jobs because that’s my life now, that’s all I do. Help me please.


Solidarity. It’s so mind-numbing. Might be my least favourite thing in the world.

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Tell me about it. Got 2 other things that look vaguely interesting that I’m going to go for. Got an interview this week and applied for something else yesterday. At least I’m great at filling in application forms and my luck has got to change soon.

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