Tuesday Tuesday

I’m going to Leeds for the day.

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Was planning on calling in sick. I felt like a huge sack of shit yesterday as I didn’t sleep very well on Sunday.

I feel a lot better now but also quite guilty about the thought of taking a potentially unneeded day off :grimacing:

Anyway, someone better be having a decent breakfast

Wearing a long dress and big boots which is the best outfit combo of all time, so I’m happy.

Late for work though, and really hungry.

Morning DiS. I’ve got a headache, and it’s raining. A great start to the day, I’m sure you’ll agree. At least I’m working from home today. I’ve got a busy morning, but I should be able to step down a gear this afternoon.

Alright. Going for sushi in a bit. Shouldn’t have got up at stupid o clock to watch the football but whatever

Submitted another job application today, 4 more to go. Absolutely hate having to big yourself up in cover letters etc :face_vomiting:


Off to work early cause I was offered a lift. Got a busy day of deliveries :evergreen_tree::muscle: then it’s my weekend :tada:

And I’m going to go in. Stupid needless guilt

Oh no. We have a stomach bug. Not the royal we, the Drs Epimers.

Geeing myself up for a rainy school run then a very busy day of work up until school pickup, after which I can hopefully chill out a little bit! Merry Tuesday all.

Where bounce? Sadly I’m don’t work in Leeds otherwise I’d come and pester you.

Our office there, for a meeting. It’s in some terrible late 90s/early 00s redevelopment south of the river. Just remember loads of flats overlooking carparks right next to a dual carriageway.

Been a couple of times, always think about trying to arrange a DiS meet, but also Leeds is the only place I have to go to regularly that’s less than two hours away, so the pull of going home (especially in the winter) is just too strong.

slept 11hrs last night but i want MORE


OK. Well have a nice time and don’t make a mess.

Leeds Leeds Leeds


I’m going to East Kilbride for the afternoon.

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Slept through my alarm, had to mobilise me and child out of the house in half the usual time (slept through sound of bf getting up early and getting ready too!) Only just missed my usual train by one minute though which is a minor miracle (although wishing I’d taken my time now since I’m on a damp train platform, bleurgh). Feeling discombobulated from waking up mid-dream but so much better for the first good sleep in ages.
Got a packed day at work and also hoping to cram in a quick gym sesh at lunchtime.

I have a touring rock group in my house. I probably should get up and offer them tea.



They’ll try and get you to sign up for an account that costs you money, don’t do it