Tuesday why is it Tuesday

I am up at 5.20 (#lazeit) because I have to catch a train to Teesside for work. I would rather not be doing this, if I’m honest.

Good morning eps,

Haven’t really slept at all for numerous reasons, so I don’t think going into work is such a good idea. Probably still will mind as I have no idea what to say when calling in.

“it’s firing out of both ends, boss. At the same time.”


Thinking of an ‘i’ve been up all night with a cough’ in a suitably raspy voice


Morning. On my way back to Bangkok for a few days before flying to Myanmar on Friday.
Got a taxi because I’m sick of busses

Might sick note out of this train journey and heroically drive myself instead, actually.

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Think I’m going to do the same today for the sake of my mental health

Feel shit and guilty obviously

Thinking of calling and saying “it’s cold bed is nice ok bye”


Only reason I can do this is because we use an online HR thing so you don’t have to call. Don’t think I’d be able to handle it otherwise. Sigh.

Been ill all weekend and had lots of sympathy yesterday, setting myself up perfectly for a day off today. But I feel fine. Bastard


Morning DiS
Also on a train. On my way to Manchester ain’t I
Have to go via Stoke on Trent

When you have a sick day

  • Yeah don’t worry I’ll still be working from home so I’ll be on Slack
  • Do not contact me

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Had amped myself up to make the call, now I’m faltering. Probably going to end up heading in

Gonna wfh as got a cold and the office was freezing yesterday

Today is my Friday and also payday :partying_face:

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Happy World Data Privacy Day! :tada::partying_face:

What does everyone have planned?

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Nice day here tbf.


None of your business! :zipper_mouth_face:


Off today and tomorrow. Going to see my grandparents (was my grandpa’s 83rd birthday yesterday). Then go for a walk on Southsea seafront and have some lunch/buy some beer. Nowt else going on really

Wish @safebruv would engage in some data privacy tbh