Tuesday why is it Tuesday

Who signs their own card?

Love how 95% of your holiday photos are food


Not having a particularly good day.

Got totally beat up by R starting to thrash about halfway through his haircut (he was on my lap) so physically feel like shit as well is mentally.

Waiting for a doctor call back to plead that they give me a prescription for my old brain pills because I am really not happy with the idea of changing right now.

I know what dis likes and dis likes food.
Dis dislikes me spamming pictures of me enjoying myself.


Where are you going next? Are you going to see the crazy white temple up north?

This I believe is the most up to date one:

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Myanmar on Friday. There for two weeks then back into northern Thailand (Chang mai and Chang rai)

Sorry your days not going well, FL!
Fingers crossed your doctor let’s you have the pills you want.
Fwiw I really enjoyed meeting you on Saturday (well, the little bits of it I can remember anyway :grimacing:) and you were even more lovely than I imagined you’d be :blush: xxxx


Went and met @GarethI for lunch and had delicious tacos (forgot pics sorry @gnome). Gotta work on some music and then go to band practice. #tuesday


I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed :disappointed_relieved:


Going to ask the guy if the shower will be done today or not

yay thank you!

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Try to visit Wat Rong Khun near Chang Rai (temple with a difference)

Work laptop has died, can’t fing plug past of the charger. Oh well.

Soz bb hope Yr OK. I sliced into my thumb once and it was nicht pleasant xxx

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@anon29812515 this just came on some playlist I’ve got on - he one of your pals?

Yeah, all part of the collective. Haven’t seen Urban Gorilla for a while but me and Juiceman hit the Big Apple for a bowl and some lazerquest last Thursday.

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Getting an overnight coach from London - Manchester

  • Sounds fine
  • Wont be great but doable
  • Good lord, don’t do that

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Depends on how functional you want to be the following morning.

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It’ll be fine.

Once I got the coach from London to Middlesbrough at 630am, went to a funeral and wake. Got the coach home at midnight getting back to London at 630am.
I wouldn’t recommend that but an overnight coach is fine.