Tuesday World Cup Thread.

a vile post


whoever plays at RB, Mbappé can always run past Harry Maguire if he pleases

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What about them lovely England boys, eh…eh?

Probably not

But, presuming we get past Senegal, Walker is gonna be knackered & Southgate favours playing Trippier on the left

Can see Southgate having to use TAA at some point. Let’s hope it’s not a QF against France

Don’t think there’s any issue with players doing Tuesday - Sunday - Friday from yesterday to the last 16 to the quarters. Barring injury or specific tactical changes I don’t think we’d need to rotate for freshness. It’s an easier schedule than Walker’s used to at club level

Will be split loyalties in my family on Sunday


In normal circumstances, yeah

But Walker has been injured for over half the season so far

We’ll see

it’d be walker and trippier against france i reckon, switch to a back 5


Reckon it’d be shaw myself (unless he plays in the left side of the three)

Walker in the three. Trips and Shaw at wing back


Boy oh boy am I excited to watch England revert to a back 5 again! how many sleeps?!


Bit bold of the English to assume they’ve already beaten The Furious Marmots or whatever Senegal’s nickname is.

Shocked, SHOCKED I tell you


Yeah, it’s a huge presumption but Senegal are a vastly weakened side without Mané - and even with him they are ranked 18th in the world (one place above Wales) to England’s 5

Then again Argentina are ranked #3 & got beaten by #51 ranked Saudi Arabia so…

…it’s almost like the rankings are arbitrary nonsense.


Got to do fifa ranking multiplied by population to get the victory coefficient

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They’re a bit more reliable than tennis rankings though in the main

Well, obviously.


Rankings chat - surprised to see Peru so relatively high. Don’t think I could name a single player :thinking:

North Korea surprisingly high in the women’s rankings :open_mouth:

It’s like nobody is aware of their impending comedy last 16 exit, probably Lloris-related.

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