Tuesday World Cup Thread.

Not that I don’t believe you ofc, just the syntax

Bet he’s got it in his dodgy ankle

I do feel a bit sad that the 10am games are over. Feel like there were better matches in that slot than there were in the 7pm ones.

Still, Ecuador v Senegal should be good. Really not looking forward to England v Wales, just want it over with.


No 10am game.


Wales thankfully in a kind of can’t lose situation here.
Alright if we lose the daily mail readers and general crusader larpers will laugh but we’ve already lost deservedly to Iran soooo yeah maybe England should win on paper?
Qualification’s not even in our hands and hard to really see an Iran/America draw especially since America already have twice. Three draws Jeremy, that’s insane.

But if we do a bit of giant killing to the worst country in civilisations history it’ll be something we can laugh about and bring up for decades.

Probably the last time I’ll see Ramsey, Allen, Bale play in a Wales kit. Hoping they go absolutely all out and give us a nice game to end the era.
Thanks for the memories boyos.


Oh preddo 3-nil Wales, 2-1 Iran

AAAAAARGH! (never mind)

Funniest group A outcome today: Senegal & Ecuador draw 1-1, Qatar beat Netherlands 2-0, Ecuador finish top & Senegal go second due to goals scored. Cheers

have none of you guys ever watched a world cup before? Qatar are so obviously going to beat Netherlands 1-0 today.

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I fear they might put in a United era LVG display and draw 0-0 with 39 shots

Presented without comment

Something about the thread title being wrong is genuinely unsettling me, like I’ve got an itch on my nose I can’t scratch


Please amend to traditional format @bugduv

You do realise that this would put Wales through & England out? Same GD but Wales going through on head-to-head

Or is it something bullshit like ‘goals scored’ that’s the decider between tied teams?



Goals scored is decider before h2h


I think we need 4 goals

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What a load of bullshit

hope we see some goals today. not welsh goals though, i hate those sorts of goals


Looking forward to Michael sheen before kick off, at halftime, and then in the final credits


Very tempted to add the flags in but that would also be doing the work he should have put in himself.

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