🐣 tuesday 🐣


Happy Tuesday! It’s so springy outside with all the flowers. Also look at these adorable chicks I hung out with yesterday :sob: they were so chirpy and sweet

Dark ones are girls and pale ones are boys. Isn’t springtime lovely :hatched_chick:


Couldn’t sleep last night for ages because of boring stressful adult stuff. Got a long week until something is hopefully resolved on Friday. Fingers crossed.


Uploaded same pic twice and it won’t let me edit :dizzy_face:

And the rest of the crew


Hope it goes well!


happy tc TUESDAY!!


Cheers. I am not a patient man and frequently get worked up about upcoming things - whatever they are, good or bad. A winning combination.


Feeling a damn sight fresher than yesterday let me tell you. Just helped out with the standard morning weetabix fail (baby just wants to dance) and about to get cleaned up.

Gonna wear a jumper today.






Have to chair a team meeting today, don’t know everyone’s names, might call in sick






On my way to interview number 1 of 3 this week. :sweat:


I am sitting in my car outside my interview destination. Got here twenty minutes early despite having to turn around and go home five minutes into my journey as I forgotten the beans that are the main part of my lesson.



I think im going to be late to mine as i have to rely on public transport :expressionless:

Good luck with the beans! :+1:


I think we need a new phrase that means having even less to report than β€œnothing to report”.

Anyway, that.


Jazzballet!!! So cute!!! I hope you managed to sneak one away with you. I really want a bunch of chickens as well as a giant snail, a basset hound and a furry pig :slight_smile: they will all have old people names such as Agnes, Ethel, Alec, Myrtle, etc. My cousin rung me up at the weekend and exclaimed β€œyou’ll have to come visit the new house soon! Come meet bawbag! I’ve got a chicken named bawbag!” :confused:

Anyway! Morning!!! :sun_with_face: it’s a lovely day! Got two gym classes booked for this evening, unsurprisingly I’m feeling really good after going the last few days! Someone remind me of this the next time I stop exercising please! Afterwards I need to start researching holiday destinations in Europe. Any advice will be fully appreciated!! :slight_smile:

Good luck @fappable and @Slicky :four_leaf_clover:


Your posts always make me smile


Awww!! Thanks :blush: you are the :bee: 's knees