Can’t wait to get a proper night’s sleep one of these days.

How are you?

Tired too. Jetlag has me waking up at 3:45am! Almost at work now but gonna treat myself to some ruby berry porridge from Leon.


so tired. so so tired. I definitely going to bed at 9pm tonight. i will probably DiS from it though :smile:

I’ve not had a decent night’s sleep since moving. Which was almost a month ago now.

:cry: :sleeping:


Super heavy sleep. Really not feeling work today. Time to make some toast and ‘man up’… Ugh i hate that term

Morning SSF and all. Woke up at midnight, and couldn’t get back to sleep. Still, I’ve just been to the gym and bought a ticket for Melt-Banana. Hoping to stay awake through Logan and The Lego Batman Movie later. If I didn’t know I’d doze off, I’d add La La Land to the list for a full set of Ls.

Applied for a job at the UN and got invited to take the online test which is the first part of the selection process, but it’s on the day I get back from America so I’ve already fucked it haven’t i

I’ve set an alarm to tell me to go to bed

Morning. Im having nutella on toast coz got nowt else in. Not bad tbh. No work today, gonna bum about and make some music.


Another vote for davidoff cool went to bed too late. The work I was planning for today can’t take place because no one in our US office could be arsed to give me access to a database on Friday or yesterday. It would take someone approximately a minute to do so. We’re a software company ffs. So tired of this.

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mornin team,
last nights sleep was meh.
lovely morn in glasgow again.
it’s my nephews 5th b’day, i need to buy him something loud and irritating.

I remember a similar thing when we moved into our house: exhausted from the process of moving but overwhelmed at all the stuff that needed doing, plus paranoid that we’d bought some absolute wreck.



Ended up drinking til quite late and felt sad about me mate dying so a really bad nights sleep for me too


haha that would be great

A kids drum kit?

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i have been thinking this