A drum kit for all of Africa!


Morning team, I went to bed at 10:15pm last night and still slept really badly including waking up at 3am in a cold sweat, lovely stuff.

Got the flat to myself tonight so I think I might buy some wine to try and knock myself out. Gonna eat pizza, listen to some records and polish off Catherine (on the Xbone, I’m not having an affair).

yeah I think this is is. everything which needs “doing” is revealing some other problem and we both feel out of our depth and aren’t really enjoying any of it

oh well :frowning:


what records I wonder…

more boring music stuff today I think

Prolly gonna bang on Ys and then Burial after a few wines :+1:

never heard of either

Yeah, sounds like our house. And I hate talking to builders / engineers as I have no idea whether they’re just mugging me off. Nevertheless, we’ve managed to get a whole load of stuff done on the house - some of which we’ve done ourselves and some of which we’ve paid people to do.

I think Ys is one of my favourite records of all time Bammers.


Just realised I have solid calls from 3:30-7 today :neutral_face:

The only negative point in my performance review was not ‘seeking out new technology’ (thats a generic line in the job requirements). I’ve asked about a dozen times for 3 different pieces of new software that will total ~£300 in total. Never even got a response.

I mean, it’s almost like they want you to fail, isn’t it?

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Oh we looooove new technology! But access credentials to a SQL database? Not a chance. Oh, and can we move these tickets out of the current sprint? No you fucking can’t. They’re essential to my work and you already bumped them from the previous sprint. Not like I spent a month living over there away from my wife in order to get this workstream up and running or anything…

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Did anyone actually sleep well last night?

  • I had a good night’s sleep last night
  • I had a mediocre night’s sleep last night
  • I had a rubbish night’s sleep last night

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Didn’t have a bad night’s sleep, but was awake at about 5.45 and couldn’t get back to sleep.

Been using my new iPhone since about 7pm last night. I’m currently thinking I should’ve just had another Android instead.

Morning SSF et all :slight_smile:

Slept very long and very hard and feel extremely groggy as a result, idiot. I need an angrier alarm.

I think today a bunch of us are going to buy Edinburgh Whisky Fringe tickets for August, they sell out in minutes so we’ve got a few of us on it, I’m one of the chosen ones and I am NERVOUS. Wish me luck!

I’m going to step in here and advise @Lo-Pan to not go down the drums route. If I could build a time machine and travel back to when the bf first discovered the drums I’d put an acoustic guitar in his hands instead. For the sake of his future partner… don’t… do … it :joy:

I am going on Holiday this afternoon, but find it all a bit stressful until I am actually on the plane.

it’s just because my hugely run off her feet sis in law just loves me buying the boys loud and irritating things :wink:

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where you off to?

I know, it’s the done thing. When my boyfriend had to buy his friends wee girl a present he bought her one of those wooden hammer and different shaped block games. It was an instant hit… :scream:

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