Nae cunt’s here. Have I done a @japes?

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I’m here.

Stayed out in Edinburgh til stupid o’clock. Love that Pilot Vienna pale though.

Gonna have to get up and go to work aren’t I. Like a mug.

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Had a dream where I murdered someone and then someone on DiS made a “funny” post on a thread which was a list of things and it was:


Well nobody else in my office has so I don’t see why you should bother, tbqfh.

Think you might have, eps. I’m certainly WFH today.


It’s Bank Holiday Tuesday Eps, you mug!


What’s with the grocers’ apostrophe in cunts, Eps? Is this a deliberate Scottish thing?

Translation: No cunt is in the vicinity of my workplace this morning. Tally ho. British Empire. Crumpets.

I love it when you talk posh :wink:

Good morning all.

Left foot is seriously painful today. Was quite bad yesterday. Thought it had largely recovered after last week. Took some painkillers last night and then slept for 10 hours straight.

Worky worky work work today.

Not much going on though really. Should probably start sorting my CV ahead of applying for the role I am currently seconded into on a permanent basis.

This evening, might head down to a Non League friendly. We’ll see, we’ll see.

FFS. Sorry, this shouldn’t have been a reply to CCB.

Fucking hate using DiS in a small window with it’s double reply option.

bought to head to the burgh for a meeting, that’s all i got.



wfh today. nelly furtado was on bbc breakfast and seemed off her tits

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yo. cycled to work for the first time in ages. think i kind of hate it (though it’s the big fucking hill more than anything)

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Join us in the car/driving thread, friend.

she is apparently VERY happy to be back, except not too happy… a bit sad, but also happy HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAHAHA

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Fell asleep last night listening to the podcast @Kallgeese mentioned; only to have Danny Brown’s cackle haunt my dreams :scream:

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that episode of frasier was a bit weird an all wasnt it. hahaha hes gay and thinks everyone else is gay, hahahaaha. ok