can’t watch frasier on weekdays :sob:

I cycled to work today for the first time in ages. You’d be proud @plasticniki !!

I’ve already had a mini argument with someone who is just like “oh ffs just have a cadbury easter egg at the weekend as a treat” and i’m like “no i’m not going to” and they’re like “why?” so I explain a bit about milk farming and they’re just giving a shit smug face and asked “but do cows even have feelings?”

I can’t even.


Well done!!! It’s a nice day for it :slight_smile:

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They’ve fully done you there.

good god no, driving terrifies me. plus edinburgh seems terrible to drive in


Cycling in Edinburgh is a suicide mission though. Driving is only marginally safer, you still get cut up by taxis though.

have it as a snack instead?


paid 20p for one (1) banana. not outrageous but more than i was expecting.

have a nice day everyone.

do cows even lay eggs


yeah i’m starting to realise this. my route in from my old flat was fine, got to go along the canal for a bit of it. but now i have to go up the royal mile, cobbles and hills galore

The TV woke me up for the second night in a row because he couldn’t sleep. 9/10 tired and getting hassled from all sides already this morning so if someone could make me a cup of tea that would be GRAND.

Got knee physio later today, really want to get running again but I probably made it worse on holiday as we did some pretty steep hills in Yosemite.

gonna be sat with my boss looking over my shoulder today so have to actually do some work. have a nice day everyone!!!

Can you not go along Holyrood rd instead? Bit less steep anyway! And less taxis and buses.

I think we definitely worked out yesterday that chocolate is not a snack.



My old boss (THAT one) has just sent me an email asking me lots of questions about board games and asking if I’m going to a big penoid event in a few months (I am) because she’s thinking of going.

What the actual FUCK is going on


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it’s a damning indictment of us all that that thread didn’t end with this post

welcome to my life

That’s supposed to be my safe space, ffs.

yeah I have taken to doing that, it’s still a gradual incline all the way, then I need to go up a steep hill either at the courts or by Greyfriars Bobby. sometimes walk the bike up this hill, still a pain though