Train delayed, weather grey, shoe leaking and day 2 of a wretched course.

Other than that, tip-top.

How be you guys?

Fine thanks for asking :slight_smile: About to have a big ol’ cup of tea. It sounds rainy outside, makes me want to be in a tent in the middle of nowhere. I used to live in an attic when I was younger and the wind and rain always sounded brilliant from up there. My Dad actually sleeps to the recorded sounds of storms. You walk into his bedroom, he has black out curtains too, and it sounds like there’s a hurricane outside. It’s cool!


Waiting for the bus in the rain. Soundtracking the experience with Tim Hecker so it’s atmospheric at least.

Not too bad, less wet than yesterday, made a better choice of coat to wear today (raincoat, obviously)

Just found out I can’t WFH Friday due to a meeting, annoying.

That sounds pretty awesome.

It’s like February at the moment, howling gales and incessant rain. No mugginess either, which is a pleasant relief. Although I can’t imagine it’s much fun today for the cycling commuters.

Was stood on the platform this morning imagining having to run into the gale and try and land my medium pacers on a good length. I wouldn’t make it to the bowling crease. The wind was blowing my beard at right angles.

Gasping for a coffee now.

Just having coffee, not sure whether to walk to work or not. Quite like walking about in my waterproofs in the rain but then i’ll be sweaty af when i get to work. Hmmmm.

Fuck all going on today otherwise.

Alright? Got told to ‘slow down’ on my cycle to work but I think my witty retort of ‘…RAIN’ really made that woman have a long hard think. Socks are wet and most likely will be for the rest of the day.

Hoping to sneak a bit of the cricket in today but I guess the weather has put paid to that.

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First day back at work after a week in @aboynamedgoo country, but WFH, so just about manageable. Will stick French open/dauphine on in due course

i wore a jacket with a hood today. turns out the hood isn’t waterproof. pretty wet right now :clap:

You must have quite a mighty beard if it’s able to make right angles!!!

Just seen the forecast. Looks like continuous rain until 8 TOMORROW MORNING!!!

Stuff happening with the alpacas today. Pic later!!


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Well that was an unpleasant drive in.

First day in work since last Wednesday. What is… anything.


In my mind you look like brain blessed, I must never know what you really look like because it’ll only bring disappointment.

  • tense shoulders making me feel uncomfortable
  • shit loads to do
  • cba

p.s. good morning

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Morning all. Had a dream I was at some crappy local event (where inexplicably Dillinger Escape Plan were playing. Probably because they’re the last thing I thought about before I slept, in the EP thread!). Anyway, @Kallgeese and the other fella he was with the other day turned up, but just before we had time to take a photo I woke up, so there’s no proof.

Dream logic.

Rainy as shit today, and I’m all bunged up and hayfevery. Reached 1995 in my albums list though so it’s basically all stuff I love, which is nice.

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Gonna be dead busy from around 11ish so need to get all my DiSing out first.
Wetter than a Tory meeting the Queen over here.

fucking hell that was the worst ride to work ever, so fucking wet and windy and JFC horrific, I doubt anything will dry before I leave

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Got a leak in the office just above where I’m sitting.

good morning all :wave: