🌧 tuesday 🌧



Good morning, hows it going? I usually just put on my hood when it rains but because it’s so warm I decided to forgo my coat and bring an umbrella i bought the other day but it sticks out so much, bought it because of the cactus faces :sweat_smile:


Nice brolly


Just going to stay in bed all day. Don’t realistically need to leave the house for…anything really. Probably order a Maccies off ToryEats for lunch.


Someone I vaguely knew through bike club died yesterday and it’s really shocked and upset me :disappointed:

Nothing much to report other than that really.


Normally I never get up before 8 but today I had to get up at 6.30 (having been unable to sleep before 2am). I feel absolutely disgusting. Could never ever commute to London on a daily basis.



I’m broken. Went to the pub after getting back from the festival yesterday. Got a solid eight hours sleep in but I’m sick, sore and sorry now. Going to get a good breakfast into me, start the day right.


Sorry to hear this. Hope you (and M I guess) get any support you need.


Morning. Back to school today.



Got up early to go to Yoga, then get an email saying it’s cancelled, so I’m back in bed

Got a cold still, might need to call in sick

Think I’m going to have porridge in honour of autumn’s arrival


Is the pin upside down moe in rollers?


Got absolutely nothing to report.


Alright? Starting a teaching qualification today after relenting for 15 years. Academia eh.


can someone reboot zxcvbnm?


Morning everyone

Coffee and pizza for breakfast.

Today I’m gonna paint the living room walls. Then go run 10km then off to a nice ramen place.

Probably play videogames/watch cycling whilst paint drys.


morning team,
i feel a fuckload better than yesterday but still a bit drained from the weekend. i’ve got lots to do.


My word!


Morning huns, how bounce you doing?

I’m still in bed, it’s great. Might get another cup of tea and start a new book. It’s that one by @xylo’s mate, Sirens. Picked it up from the library last week. Looks good.


Bad morning. Missed my train because my ticket got jammed in the barrier and the guy was in no rush to come and help me. Thought it wouldn’t be so bad, the next train was only five minutes after… but it is delayed five minutes. Totally erases my window to get coffee before an appointment I am very much dreading, may even make me late :pensive: