Do not want

I’ve got year 6 all day. Science, Maths & English. That’ll be fun, right?


Ps Fuck off Tuesday


I have developed a really annoying habit of waking up two hours before I need to then being tired later.

Have to cancel pilates tonight cause I agreed to tutor the little girl who lives with our housemate.



Wish we got proper winters, with snow and prolonged freezing weather and all that.

37 minutes til my 4-day mid-week weekend begins!


It’s all very well in January when it’s 15cm deep & -20’C but when it’s slush/sleet/snow cycles from November through to the end of April it can be a bit of a drag

Cant believe @stupidsexyflanders is working in Cyprus this week


Kind of the same - woke up at 4am thinking it had gone 6 & I’d slept through my alarm. Managed to get to sleep again for what felt like 10 minutes before my alarm actually went off

It’s a lack of sun - can’t regulate the body clock properly without it

Wonder when I’ll next see the sun?


Morning. I’m zzzzzzz today. reckon it’s going to be a busy one and I really cba


Kids still get excited by snow there I suppose? Year 6, good luck! Are they as mad on grammar etc there as here now? My eldest is in yr 6 and the SATs prep has been full on since Sept. Kind of depressing really.

On another course today - SATs prep for lower key stage! still up early to make lunches and drop kids off…


Flying to Munich for a course today. Colleague who’s been on it before said “collect the materials then put your feet up for a couple of days”, so dread levels are fairly low.


If it’s any consolation we had thunderstorms all day and now it’s too windy to be outside today. Warm at least.


So tired now :persevere:


Oh damn, where do you live to have all that snow? I would just go back to bed and hibernate tbh.

Dark and drizzly here today. Keep meaning to bring some stuff for hot drinks to work to stop me from raiding the vending machine every day but keep forgetting.


Hate the cold but am hoping for some proper snow, the last time we had some I went sledging for the first time ever and even though it took like 5 minutes to get back up the hill the 20 seconds down were so worth it :star_struck:


I’m trialling the night shower.


Don’t like it.


On the train to work. I’ve got the same guy sitting next to me as yesterday: he likes to watch programmes about opera and classical music on his laptop. Occasionally he has a giggle about, I dunno, some really clever classical music joke or something. He’s unintrusive but I still feel like I need to change carriages tomorrow.

Maybe he’s going to go into www.drownedinstrauss.com and post about me later.

People you share your commute with

I think close confinement makes your tolerance levels lower. I used to get very annoyed at the regular passengars on my carraige on the train. The couple who would spend the whole 90 minutes in gross acts of PDA. The guy who had a cup of really strong coffee every day. The weirdo who would rush to get on before everyone else so he could pick a very particular seat. It’s all benign but somehow it grates on you.

People you share your commute with

Didn’t sleep well and have woken with a headache, it’s also pushing down outside.
Hmmmm not sure about today so far.


I’m trialling having only a smoothie for breakfast (banana, berries and spinach) this week. #prayforeric :pray:


Scoop of Huel in there and you’ve got yourself a proper meal, son.


Yes exactly. There’s Granola Man on my train - haven’t seen him for a while but he brings his homemade granola on the train with him in a little Bodum travel bowl and eats it on the train. There’s also Helicopter Mum, who spends the entire journey giving her privately educated daughters additional tuition. I haven’t see either do a while to be fair.

As you say, each to their own but it does grate after a while.

People you share your commute with