I feel really grotty, gonna drink Lemsip all day and call in sick at 9am :face_with_thermometer:

Talk, plz.


*weak thumbs up*


What!! Calling in sick?!!

I’m one of these “odd ones” apparently. If i make it to the first week of January without a sick day it’ll be 20 years without one.

On a serious note. Get well soon, PN. Take it easy.

I’m at work having a coffee at the canteen. Then I’m training some newbies at work. A shit day ahead for me.


In other news, I should probably be off sick but I’m supposed to be covering for my colleague who’s in hospital, plus another colleague has just come back from a week on the sick. Might just slope off a couple of hours early.

Oh and get well soon PN x


goddamn I am tired. Only a week and a half left of work which is pretty great. I have scored a free ticket to watch Dinosaur Jr tomorrow which is fun.

oh also get well soon PN!



Today is toddler group at the library in the morning and then trying to keep it together in the afternoon. Probably buy some more lebkuchen as I am hooked. Exciting times ahead.


Got pure mad p pains and a very long day ahead. Will have to stand talking to people mostly. Got handed over a conference to manage with no notice. Already want to cry.


Revision at home until lunchtime then heading through to Edinburgh as will be having my exam there tomorrow.

P.s. get well soon.


Might be the first one this year I’ve not used for a hangover… But yeah, not a fan of just dragging myself in regardless.


The builders should finish today (i hope). Later on we bring the cat home from the vets, I’ll be glad to have him home, but I’m also kind I’m also worried about all the drugs he needs.

Still worried sick about my nephew, too many things to worry about. I think i might need to see a doc myself at this rate


Jits training done. Contemplating some sort of eggs, chorizo + potato breakfast.

get well PNIKI, whiskey and honey up that Lemsip for a treat possibly?


get well soon @plasticniki and good luck @DarwinBabe

waiting for my bus to work. was meant to leave 6 minutes ago and only literally pulled into the bus station as i was typing. joy.


Morning @plasticniki et al.

I’m with PNiks on the grottiness but unfortunately am on a ludicrously packed tram.


I am so very hungover I’m getting a burrito latee


Morning all! Wishing everyone well today, seems we’re struggling a bit coming up to Christmas.

Have the rest of the week off so I’m mostly going to be cleaning my house as it’s gone to shit since I started working. Must go and buy some cleaning supplies. Exciting stuff.


Morning PN and all.

Also unwell today, but continuing to work from home. Probably because of Brexit or something. Just going to alternate coffee and lemsip until I keel over or achieve transcendence.


Get well soon pn, lot of nasty shit doing the rounds at the moment.

Got the gaff to myself tonight so gonna pick up a pizzer and some beers at lunch and settle into some vidya games.

I never remember my dreams and I find them really boring to talk about so I’ll nutshell this; dreamt I was in prison but everytime I asked someone why and for how long they wouldn’t tell me :confused:


I am also sick. Feel well gross.


Spent all night in a fever hallucinating. Earache, migraine, biting chest, joints aching. Absolutely awful.

Gonna try and head in for 12 as I’m running out of time to get this done. Never catered for Christmas holiday or illness :disappointed:


Still ill, going to take another sick day and binge watch The Punisher (if I like the 1st couple of eps)

So many weird but dull ill dreams last night

(Why does my phone keep autocorrecting ill to I’ll!!! Ill is a fucking WORD!!!)