There is a song thrush living in my back garden and I hate it.

I’m going to my boss’s house later. Dread levels off the chart.

What have you got lined up for today?

Just opened some new coffee beans. Nowhere near as nice as the last bag I had :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:

Not much going in today apart from some academics from :us: are visiting work and we have to show them some rare books. BOOOOOOOORING. :expressionless:

WFH to receive delivery of my new desk. That’s as exciting as it gets.

Get well soon DB


Never heard…

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Going to Antwerp on the :metro:

Weighed myself this morning. Oooooooooooooooooh no. Maybe that heroin-only Diet is a good idea after all.

Nothing else to report.

I have a fuzzy head from two cans of Tanglefoot and two small glasses of red wine. I’M NEVER DRINKING AGAIN.

Hope you feel better DB. That’s rubbish.

Why do you hate nature so much @Epimer?

Haha. Who was it who had a baby nuthatch pecking at their bathroom window all day? Please tell me it was you. Pleeeease.

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Just used up the last of my coffee beans :grimacing:

I don’t even have any coffee beans! The instant coffee at work is the size of gravy granules. A sure sign the instant is AWFUL

Morning. First early start of the year. Got first band practice for about a month this morning, need to wake up and remember how to :guitar: and :microphone:. Need coffee. :coffee: :coffee: :coffee:

My daughter has her 3 year old vaccinations today. My wife is pretty anxious about it, and so am I but I can’t be there at the moment. Trying to finagle someway so that I can.

Tired. Took on a really boring job because I haven’t done any paid work in a few weeks and I kind of regret it.

Left my office keys at home (probs in my dressing gown) so waiting outside in the cold until some other poor bastard turns up :grimacing:

Company wide training the next couple of days. I need to address the troops with one of my inspirational speeches :wink:


Hey everyone, still at the kitchen table. Need to get moving and get to work

Not much to report TBH

Sarah Connor is in this episode of frasier, feels really bizarre.

Claymore at the ready :grinning:

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