I’m off with this morning looking after my daughter. Just put despicable me 3 on and waiting for GPs to open.

What are you up to today?

Absolutely gorgeous sky this morning. Couldn’t take a pic as I was driving and there was no safe spot to park. Feels like the winters are on their way out :slight_smile:

Not much else to report.


Back to work :no_mouth:

Nice morning. Dog did two poos.

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was freezing when I got up this morning, phone said it was -2 :snowflake: wore an extra layer as a result, currently melting on the train due to too many layers. oops.

in other news, I plan on doing as little work as possible today, and as all but one person is working elsewhere today I might just get away with it :+1:

Not got much going on til work at 5. Got some stuff to list on eBay and might read the rest of Forever Young by Oliver Kay, incredible so far. Somehow ended up with a tin of each in the cupboard so choose what goes on my toast please…

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  • Just hoops
  • Hoops and sausages
  • Beans and sausages

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Half day at work today. Tonight I’m going to West Ham v Crystal Palace.

I was going to head straight up to Stratford and visit sone breweries, but as someone’s fraudulently opening bank accounts in my name I’m popping home to check post. But hopefully I’ll still be up there by 4.

Had a great night’s sleep for once. Listening to the reaction to the announcement that our Government is going to have a referendum to repeal the eight amendment to the Irish Constitution, which will pave tje way to legalising abortion in Ireland. Pretty blown away by the fact that this is happening.


Really difficult to get up today.

Through to Edinburgh again. Might go look at some Turners is get out early.

Started the day with a big ol’ argument, and I flounced off to work in a huff so haven’t had any breakfast. So now I’m both too annoyed and too hungry to get anything useful done.

Well done, me.

Had two bags of coffee that didnt have quite enough left for a pot, so I mixed em up. Result: not great.

Got minor dread about work today. Gonna get told how to suck eggs by a guy who’s like 20 all day. Arg.

Having not really read up on this much yet, what do you reckon the outcome will be? You’d like to think a bit of a landslide but what’s the general opinion?

Second attempt at going to Newcastle today. That’s about all I’ve got.

Got up at 5:30 so I could do double gym classes before work. My new trainers have rubbed me up the wrong way and I had to do double weights in my class instead of the running bits :dizzy_face: arms are dead.

I’ve accidentally dressed like I work at Fred Perry today…


Morning! Got a lemon & ginger tea and listening to White Pony :metal: Might do some work in a bit.

On the bus skimming my post-holiday emails. Dread levels at max.

Dread audit sponsored by twinkletoes

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Morning. Not got much on today, work’s been pretty slow this month which on one hand is good as I’ve been getting a load of outstanding admin done but it means next month will be pretty lean :grimacing:

Seriously cannae be fuckin arsed today and not only that I’m dreading my job interview tomorrow/getting some sleep before it