Solidarity with the pale skin people today and every day :ghost:

I’m about to get my period and I’m dreading work today so much.


morning DB

I’m WFH - waiting for builders to arrive and waiting for my upstairs neighbours to go to work so I can use their loo :grimacing:(toilet was out of action again when I got home last night)

Had a work meal at the new Brighton Ivy last night - was very nice but can’t see myself going there if I was paying. It’s fucking massive, must be the biggest restaurant in Brighton bar the all you can eat “International Buffet” on East Street

Need to write my mid year appraisal this morning. Just need to “swallow the frog” and get on with it really.



Just went to the doctor, gotta have weekly blood tests for a month with my new medication to check if I’m taking the right amount, what a faff. I think I’m gonna have to tell my work what’s going on, I don’t know how I can keep getting away with being so late for work with all these appointments.

Should be a quiet day again today, yay, and then I’m thinking I might wfh tomorrow so that’ll be all right.

Watched red sparrow last night, was not expecting that amount of violence.


Alright deebs, gt, gp? Constantly exhausted at the moment :sleeping: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee:


Alright. Any particular reason you’re dreading work, or is it just general dread?

Need to finish this job I’m working on today. suppose I ought to get out of bed


Do they know about this?


Morning all,

Warm innit. Think maybe I should have worn shorts :thinking:
Went for a run this morn for the first time in ages, fucking knackering but feel good for it.

Folks are away today so need to walk Jackson at lunch :grinning::+1:


yes they do and I have a key

I just find it embarrassing to turn up in their flat while they are no doubt busy getting ready for work (and in need of their bathroom themselves) and blatantly do a :poop:


That’d be hilarious.

Storm in, unleash fury, leave the door open, give them both a wink on the way out.


You ever been to Pane E Vino in Giffnock Lopes?



cba. Bye.



Lots of work to do today.


I have indeed, nice wee place for a glass of vino or a beer, foods decent enough as well.
You heading there?


Awww sorry to hear DB. Hope your day goes okay x

Despite waking up at 4:30 this morning I’m feeling pretty chipper today. I had a funny dream where Robert Smith went swimming for the first time ever. I asked him how it felt and he replied “Just like Heaven” lol. He’s a laugh a minute that man.

I’m still reeling from a romantic/sexy weekend. It was like the film Weekend, but not the French one with all the crashing cars.


Aye it’s a good spot. Will be when I’m up over new years, it’s round the corner from where we’re staying with wife-o’s family and before we head up to Loch Lomond.


It looks pretty swish in there, The Ivy. Is it mega expensive? I think the restaurant opposite the road is more my price range (Bombay Aloo).


I think Robert Smith would be a practitioner of mum swimming - doesn’t want to get his backcombed barnet wet



Was in Spain last week so I’m a bit more used to it now but still super fair skinned and not made for this weather. My veg patch is enjoying it at least (wheeeey)

Country Sad Ballad Man sounded so good on my way in to work today. Graham Coxon is a fucking genius.


it is swish - but in an over the top kind of way which is pretty fun. Good place to take your mum for her birthday

The women were all about the loos which apparently are very nice, but the men’s is nothing special

It’s about 14 - 18 quid for normal “mains” (but some of them need sides to make a proper meal) - then there is all the steak and lobster stuff which is more expensive

I had a prawn cocktail for a starter, roasted lamb shoulder for main and then just some chocs an a espresso for pud. Pretty classy


Someone at work reckons I look like Iwan Rheon, to the point where she says she can’t watch GoT without thinking it’s me. Everyone else agrees.

Not seeing it at all.