Now that we’ve established that M&S is great, go on and tell us all about your day.


Have a workshop to go to soon that last til 2.30. :sleepy::sleeping:
At least it gets me away from day to day work for a bit.

M&S is great
Tuna is late
I’m a poet
And I didn’t even realise


If I’d had the foresight to go the shops on the way home last night would sit lie in bed drinking tea and toast all day…

But I need to go the shops.

Feel absolutely broken. Also some people got arrested on the plane back yesterday.

Wait, why were you on a plane again?

I booked a half day holiday this morning so I could go to the bank, but managed to get stuff sorted over the phone instead so now I’m in work.

It’s the sensible decision because I’ve got loads to do and my annual leave is going to be better spent on house stuff, but man. Really feel like I’ve been cheated out of half a day off here.

Prague stag do. Never want to see a pilsner again.


WFH today. Originally it was just to do the nursery run at 5 o clock, but I’ve taken Nina to the vets (take it to the cat thread Rob!) and there’s a plumber coming round at lunchtime too.

You’d have loved the beer festival that the best man insisted we only attend for two hours when I was there.

I want to go home

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I’ve been sent an email from a higher up that I need to reply to, and to answer accurately I really need to say “ACTUALLY I have a PhD* in this technical field” but I’m struggling with a way to phrase it where I don’t come across as a total, total prick.

Should have stayed in bed.

*well, technically a DPhil, as it’s from a little-known university called Oxford, you may have heard of it

Hi :wave:

Going to see Black 47 later

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Absolutely convinced there’s a guy on the train on his way to the Tory Party Conference.

Pin-striped suit and waistcoat, condescending manner on the phone, clipped upper class pronunciation. Ironically belly aching about his landlord.

Slept like a log thank fuck. I needed that.

I have rehearsal later for a music video I’ve been in. I’ve been told I need to dance like Dev Hynes. No pressure then.

This is the 1057th time you’ve mentioned this

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WFH to take The Prin back to the vets for her post op check up.

She ain’t gonna be happy about that.

This is the *Dr 1057th time I’ve mentioned it


Maybe I should just link them to this thread

Morning all.

Got in mega late this morning because the TV was worried that the cat looked sad. Which he did tbf but I had a bloody exam to invigilate.

She’s away till tomorrow now so I’m going to spend my evening playing Monster Hunter in between trying to convince the cat to look cheerful for a photo. Sigh.

Hope you’re all well.


At the greatest place on earth, with a stinking cold.