Even over there it’s Tuesday.

It’s raining here in Melbourne but also it’s not exactly cold.

What’s the story behind @anon32406580’s new avatar of two pegasus ponies shagging, though?

morning Theo!

I’m trying to wake up as I’m off out to the peak district in half an hour.

I don’t know what’s up with that avatar but it’s kind of disturbing!

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Peak District is so beautiful, have fun!

Up early, shall I try out my double decker spread for brekkie? Z


Some bball photos for @profk


My view (you can just about see Steph Curry warming up)



They lost - most people left after the third quarter - American sport is weird.




Only if you’ve got digestives to spread it on

Wholemeal bread no good?

That would almost make it healthy slicky, you don’t want that now




Pegasus (has wings)

Unicorn (has the HORN)

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Yeah they do! Bow chikka wow wow


You’re right, had marmite. Will save myself.

Have a spoonful for dessert :smiley:

Really need to pack R off to preschool as I have two appointments to go to but I don’t knownif he has recovered from his cold enough. Pretty much ready to explode from the decision making stress :fearful:

Colds are fine, if he’s not puking or pooing send him in!!

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I concur @anon89873996 - in the worst case scenario you just have to come back. Give him calpol and push him through the door

But if he has to come back I will be up at the hospital and have to wait for a taxi to get back. Just a bit worried by how much he is coughing.

Never change, Theo. :grin: :heart:


Ah right. Well it depends on how sick you think he is. I mean most nurseries understand you’ll be 30-60 minutes away from a pickup so if you think they could keep him okay then that’s something.

I suppose I mean the alternative is you just don’t get to your appointments at all. Whereas if you roll the dice you might get lucky and he is fine and you get your shit done?

Yeah, it’s a bugger being a parent :grimacing:

I remember when @hip_young_gunslinger was having an argument with his wife about alicorns vs pegasus vs unicorns. Good times.

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Well my mum thinks I’m a monster for wanting to send him in so I guess he is staying home.