being employed to stare at a screen from 5:30am is weird. Praise be for the zoned out jams of Kurt Vile.

how much sleep do people actually need to operate at full capacity?

Read something about it in the guardian yesterday, think 7-9 is optimal and under 6 is when it starts being damaging to your health

I reckon we should all be on 12. For the whole time it’s dark, at least.

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did you enjoy it? better than baseball?

Yes, about a million times more entertaining than baseball. My only criticism is that the fact that it’s so high scoring means that you don’t get the same highs and lows compared to football or hockey. I did enjoy Steph Curry’s flawless warmup though - was similar to watching Messi practice his free kicks at Barcelona.

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:frowning: x

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I watched a basketball game in the US, was the first time I’d seen a sports game there and was taken back by how much shit happens that isn’t the game itself. People left way before the end in that one too. I don’t understand sports at the best of times, but American sports even less so.


Favourite non sporting bit was the random guy on a Segway zooming about firing t-shirts into the crowd using a canon gun.


Yes! Similar thing happened with the t-shirts being shot into the crowd when I saw a game too (but without the segway wtf). I think what made it most surreal is that all of these absurd, attention-grabbing things are happening, but everyone else in the audience is so used to and tired of them happening that they just look really bored of it all.


Hate to see your alt species porn folder…

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Samsies (on the colds). So bored of being ill



Woke up at 3am and was up for a couple of hours worrying about shit with my ex. Combined with the neverending cold today is going to be a doozy.

Did have a really good 1st date last night, we agreed to see each other again, so hopefully she won’t change her mind once shes sobered up

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Morn. Need to pack up the bikes again to chuck in the car and head to the coast. Feeling weirdly anxious again :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

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Glad you’re as annoyed about the mislabelling of Ponies as I am.

One of my kids books has a Doctor called Doctor Horse - but is a unicorn. Cunts.


All right troops.

It was (Canadian) Thanksgiving so I propelly shanked a pumpkin pie - it looked good but was a bit mushy. Got a good week lined up - going to have a wee gaming night on Friday, and then Big Feed on Sat, and then some pints for the “Scotland” game.

To get there though I need to sleep and not give up.


Morning all

I’m also a fully paid up member of the cold club. My cough’s on the way out, but my blocked nose is in full effect. Bleurgh!


Just heard someone in their…mid-thirties i’m guessing claim to have never had a cold or the flu.

Monumental bellend.

i found everyone standing and saluting the flag for the national anthem well weird

it’s a domestic game you absolute weirdos