I slept terribly :cold_sweat:

Coffee + toast (w/butter). Work. Home.


How is everyone?

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Morning nikmeister!

TV’s bday today so need to cook a nice dinner later. Other than that, work work work and hope for some good news on the job front.


Morning all. Another vote for Davidoff Shit Sleep.

Went to bed at half nine, slept solid until half six. Sorry non sleepers.

Work, meeting, home.

Still.irked at the Mighty Reds.bring far from.mighty last night.
Got my new starry top on though so that’s good.

Slept amazingly. Just not enough of it. Or too much as I’m running late now. shrugs. Hoping for an easy day, won’t get an easy day I doubt.

HB to your TV!


Oh, I might buy some jeans today. Not worn jeans for YEARS

Hi pniks :wave:

Can I go back to bed, please?

I don’t see why not


I have a q for iPhone wankers: my headphones have been doing that thing where they are constantly stopping, starting, skipping, activating voice control and what have you. It’s driving me mad! Is there anything I can do to sort it? I’ve tried different headphones, different adaptors and everything :pensive:

Also slept terribly, what was occurring last night to make us all sleep so shabbily?

Slept terribly crew represent. TV didn’t tell me she’d set her alarm for five then had the nerve to get annoyed when I called her history’s greatest monster.

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On a train station platform that has seemingly been designed to act as a wind tunnel. :cold_face:

Slept alright tbh.

Morning! Also slept really badly, but this was due to there being a child and a cat in the bed.

Job interview this morning :grimacing:

Slept well but was genuinely contemplating just sleeping on the sofa last night as I felt too tired to even take myself to bed.

Went to a netball club last night, was properly out of my comfort zone initially but it was so fun in the end. I’ve really missed playing team sports.

Fell asleep too late in my bed. Then woke up in my daughter’s bed with a stiff neck.

Cleaning/admin/good prep until 12 when I pick her up. CBA.

Which iPhone you got m9? Have you tried digging about the headphone socket with a wooden cocktail stick? Like a black hole that thing.


Best of luck with the interview!


Another one for the shit night’s sleep club. The wife’s snoring was horrendous, all night. It got to the point that I wrapped a hoodie around my head to muffle the noise. Shame that I only thought to do so at 6am.

Gym done
Breakfast 1 done
Gonna go work early and mooch about in the cafe