Tuesday 🧵

How’re you all today?

I don’t mean to JAG but… I’ve just woken up to the news that the artist I manage alongside running DiS (and now working for Max Richter) is currently at number 13 in the midweek album chart (even outselling a Jonas Brother!) and was wondering, if any of you might have been curious to pick up the record, then please do it by Thursday night.

Or if you’re on Twitter and could retweet this, that would help it cut through as it’s really resonating with those who see it https://twitter.com/the_anchoress/status/1371160764267036673?s=21

Feel free to stream the album but it’s 1000 album streams for every album sale toward the chart and it’s really hard to drive 1000s of streams, even with the ridiculously good reviews the album has been getting like this one

Thanks in advance for any support… but mostly I hope you enjoy the record.


I’m currently about to finish night shift 1 of 2.

The new Anchoress album is pretty good. Instantly liked it.

I remember her debut which I thought was average on the first listen then got better and better after repeated listens.

Oooh faint praise. I’ll take it.

She’s been totally self sufficient writing and producing this one (and bringing in JDB from Manics and Bowie’s drummer remotely for some extra skills) and I think the record will continue to reveal itself over the months and years.

Last Friday was a good day for releases for me.

Valerie June’s new one is brilliant. Mainly been listening to that and probably heard The Anchoress album twice over the weekend. But will revisit the album

Any potential live shows planned? I remember I missed an Anchoress live show due to a gig clashes and/or work for her last few gigs I think.

Currently her biggest show to date at Queen Elizabeth Hall but high chance it’ll move date again once Southbank reopens

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I’ll look into that. Queen Elizabeth Hall is the best hall of the three there.

I’ve a ticket for Goldfrapp at The Southbank that’s been moved to next year and I’ve no idea what’s happened to my Haiku Salut and U.S. Girls gigs at QE Hall.

I had a few coffees/drinks at The BFI last summer when things had opened up but it was sad to see (but understandably so) The Southbank Centre itself closed completely.

Good luck with the campaign, Sean.

Just about to drop bairn 1 at nursery and then home to attempt some home working while looking after bairn 2. Then I need to go into work for a few hours right in the middle of the day and then home for more parenting and work adventures.

Exciting stuff.


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Morning. The days just roll along now don’t they? Highlight of my day was probably the free McMuffin I was just offered by the McDonalds app.


Morning all!

I’ve done 45m of work now so I can home-nursery The Child. She’s done three Covid tests in the last five days (all negative) but we’re still not allowed to take her back to nursery until next Monday. I wish I could say I’m beyond angry about it but I’m still fucking seething.

Have great days everyone!

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When M had her negative test which I knew she would because she had literally no symptoms (god, I’m still angry about that) I just took her to school the instant the results came through (emailed the results to school) pushed her through the door and basically ran away.


What? I WANT one. This is crap! I got a £1.99 Grand Big Yesterday. That was a good price for a bad burger.


Morning all.

Still waiting to find out when I’m next at work - one of the guys I’m training with had a call yesterday, so I’m hopeful I might find out today.

Had a decent bike ride planned for this morning but a) I’m very achey for unknown reasons, b) it’s currently raining and c) need to get some shopping. Might just go for a leisurely ride out to a shop a few miles away instead, once it dries out a bit.

Morning troops. Sun is basically out firing on all cylinders this morning. Must be an instinctful thing, as I knew that the weather was great even before I opened the blinds properly. Maybe we can feel the difference between the pressures olin our sleep.

Going to hopefully get out for a walk or two in the sunshine today. Will see how it goes.


All I can say is that terms and conditions apply


Morning all.

It’s grey and meh in the south of Manchester.

We moved my GFs workspace from our living room into the spare bedroom on Sunday. I can now hear her on calls if I have the study door open, taking some getting used to. (checks privilege)

We’re trying a new tofu noodle soup recipe tonight, so that’s something to look forward to maybe?


Mrs W had a job interview at 7:30am (an in person interview, not online).

The alarm went off at 5:30am.

It turns out that I’m no longer very good at early mornings.

What in the hell


morning all

got to go to an IRL work meeting for the first time in forever. trying to see if i have any vaguely suitable clothes that still fit :grimacing:

good luck with the album sean. giving it a listen now so you can at least chalk another one up in the streams column.