Tuesday 🌳

Morning all. How are you today?

An action packed day for me:

  • Get haircut :white_check_mark: (they open at 6 so I went in at 7)
  • Work from home (interspersed with the school runs)
  • Go to an actual football match tonight (assuming it’s not waterlogged again)

What about you?

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


I’m going to the pub for the first time in 15mths this evening and seeing friends I haven’t seen since August. Really looking forward to it, not going to lie.


Failed at the first hurdle. Woke up at 6.45 to hear wind and rain so turned over and went back to sleep. Cycling will have to wait until later.

Morning everyone! For French Republican calendar fans, it’s Sextidi (quiet in the back) the 6th of Prairial, and today we honour the lemon balm. Yesterday’s honour was to ducks, so I went and fed the ducks in the park. I don’t know how honoured they felt.

It’s sunny here right now which is pretty darn nice. Best wishes for all your days!

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Lovely morn up here, still at the park with Jackson having arrived here about an hour ago.
Guess I should probably finish up and go to work. :weary:

Working then got a funeral in our garden at 3 for a beautiful neighbour who had no family. She was 95 so definitely a celebration type event, shame its going to rain the whole time.


Seems be a trend of it being nice in the morning til about 10 then shit for the rest of the day recently. Crap.



Morning all!

I’m marking this morning while my class complete an assessment, then I’m meeting some colleagues for lunch. Depending on how productive my morning feels, I might do more marking or play DS3.

Today is my Friday as got the rest of the week, havent really got any urgent work, so not sure how much I’ll do.

Need to think up some plans. Potentially museum tomorrow if go to Gfs. Jag on Thursday. Walk/lunch Friday?

Last day of work until next Tuesday.

Hope it stops being winter

Good morning all

My plan was to go for a quick bike before it rained but it appears to be raining already. A bit windy again too, so we might have to scratch that bit. Maybe later.

Got a few little errands to do but nothing especially exciting.


Got day 1 of a 3-day global skillshare conference today - so all day in front of the computer instead of out in this^ glorious weather

Also, just got sent a meeting invitation out of the blue from my big biss & the head of HR …which has put my anxiety levels through the roof :s no idea what it can be about


oh come on

I bet you do :smirk:

Will my Windows update be finished in time for my 9 o’clock meeting

  • What, 9 o’clock today? Ahahaha no
  • Yes. Yes it will.

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This is the best #content you’re getting out of me today.

sometimes the moka pot takes slightly longer than usual and i sit there thinking ‘is this it? has the magic really run out? have whatever supernatural forces that make coffee appear finally given up and… oh no there it is’


Sometimes mine makes about half the normal amount of coffee despite me doing every step the same

Mysterious beast

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It’s grey and drizzly. It’s always grey and drizzly.

25th of March and I put the heating on for an hour when I got up to do a coffee earlier.