Busy day at work today. Ugh. HBU?


good morning all


Allo. Busy day here too. Can barely face getting up and turning my laptop on. Yuck.


Got dem october feelz :sleepy: :maple_leaf:


trying to get some tickets for that Lazarus show. EXPENSIVE


Barely made my train with two mins to spare yesters so left ten mins earlier today. Just now got to the station half an hour early ffs*

*yep im going be posting boring commute stories for the next four weeks


Going to work from home today. Wife is really struggling to sleep and we have a guy coming out to repair our tumble dryer


Working from home. Probs head over to work in Costa for a bit later - their wifi has been a bit dodgy recently though, so it could be another quick breakfast bloomer for ol’ Twinkletoes.


On the tube into London for day 2/2 of a course. Should’ve stayed over but decided to take the petrol money instead. It’s too beautiful a day to spend the next 9 hours in a room with no windows. Londoners on the tube seem a miserable bunch, eh?


That whole tube chat thing never really took off did it


this cutting back on drinking is fucking pretty excellent, i should do it more often.


jazz life


^this…i think.


Tempted to try it but my face is currently in someone’s armpit so…


Just passed by this lady who had this strong, weird but familiar smell. Then it hit me, it’s that wood smell you get when you sharpen a pencil. Why would anyone smell like that??


professional pencil sharpener?!


please do try and live blog it all here


She must’ve done overtime :dizzy_face: :pencil2: :pencil2:


I’m another member of the pretend you’re working from home so people think you’re important crew.


is it not quite a nice smell if my memory serves me correct?!