Cba looks cold out there and I’m gonna walk in

Have on good authority there’s a fire alarm test between 3 and 5pm so gonna head before then as we follow ‘starburst’ (piss off for 45 mins and come back)




Currently on hold to the GP to try and get an appointment. Cumulative time on hold since yesterday is currently at 38 minutes.

Need to go and pick my bike up from the shop but cba leaving the house and even more cba getting the bus to the shop cos the trains are off. Might treat myself to brunch if I make it.

Oh dammit, my meeting has been brought forward to my TV and chai time. Ruuuude.

Fire alarms are for 11am exclusively, what a world

Really ready for a long christmas break (sorry anyone that hasn’t got one) 4 days of work left and i’m totally knackered and done with it. Just gonna go to my parents for a week on tuesday and get cooked for and use their heating, not told them yet.

Got a funeral tomorrow will they be able to dig the grave in this cold frozen ground weather?

lol cwbaft

On hold to the urgent care/walk-in centre place instead now. Even they were at capacity yesterday. Must be nice to live somewhere with a functioning healthcare system.

Not feeling too great. Still going in though

ill, brilliant. Not covid but still I felt rough as fuck last night thankfully pills, lucozade and lidl pastries are saving me.

Can confirm it is very cold.

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Hope the funeral goes ok.

Weirdly enough this got mentioned in the book I was reading this morning, where it talked about putting warm coals down to thaw the ground and repeating the process until you gett deep enough.

Assume not much of an issue these days with machinery but here’s a cheery image of a grave warmer


One of the schools I worked at called a fire drill at 10.30 on one of the snowiest mornings of that year.

All of the naughty kids and a decent number of the quieter ones were just pinging snowballs into the crowds as people evacuated.

I didn’t know anyone well enough to know it was coming so I had to escort my class outside wearing a thin jumper because going back to the office for my coat wasn’t an option.

Cheers, it’ll be shite like because it’s one of the big catholic things and a burial, neither of which i like, but it’s for someone who was old and it was expected so that will make it better i think. Getting moaned at because i won’t be a pallbearer but i’m sure everyone will forget that once it’s started.

That’s a pretty cool pic.

We’ve not had a family funeral for about 20 years and now we’ve had 2 in 2 months and i’m gonna spend all day trying not to say “it’s like busses isn’t it” because that’s how my brain works


Morning all!

I’m working from home this morning but my class won’t attend so I’m tying up loose ends for the year and then going for a haircut.

Wor Lass was talking about taking The Child to the Xmas Market later but has now decided it might be nicer to stay home. The Child might not understand her reasoning.

I also need to pack a suitcase and some bags. I have a list.

is anyone else just fucking done with work
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  • yes very

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hot waters bottles are flipping great, never believe they’re just for old folks!


Tell @Unlucky this

Gone for some suitably icy colours


Morning party people,

No fire drill for me today, but it is the school Christmas performance, which the school are doing in the playground despite sub zero temperatures. It’s torture even when it’s inside - this is some really sadist behaviour

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wtf :rofl: :man_facepalming: