hey @Unlucky get a hot water bottle!

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Hello! Did a Christmas quiz this morning, which was fun. Starting to panic about not getting anything finished this side of Christmas, gah. Five 1/2 working days to go!

Haha was this meant for meee? I hope this means you’re coming to visit. Tho, I live in Edinburgh so you’ll need to get another train :blush:

All Groo gyoza and dumplings are great. Love these ones

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Oh it was 50/50 cos I couldn’t remember which city!


think its a desire to come and steal your delicious food goods


Haha good, dumpling party at mine! :sparkles:

Nearly bought myself return tickets to Reykjavík in March on my own but wimped out

Ooooo, yeah I was a bit overwhelmed with the dumpling choices. There were so many :blush: will check these out!!

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ever had the frozen ones delivered by Chop Chop? i’d always have them in if my freezer drawer wasn’t miniscule/broken

I’ve been to Reykjavik on my own and it was fine. It’s far too expensive there to go out in the evening anyway (which is when I feel it most when I’m travelling alone), and being on your own in the day, visiting the sites and going on tours is fine too. Iceland is one of the most incredible places in the world - you should go!


Always an overwhelming time. Your post has reminded me I need to restock and can hopefully go to the big store in Birmingham at the weekend for a wider selection than my local shop.

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Nope only ever eaten them in.

Cold/flu/covid/other contagious illness audit

  • Ill
  • Not ill

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I think I rose from my covidy sick bed prematurely yesterday. Absolutely wiped out today. Only just woke up, feeling like I did 5 days ago

I used to love going to international places on my own.

Book it!

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Really not sure. Keep getting a hot face at night but then being ok.

think I’m: fighting illness

Getting real xmassy round here