Morning all!

Wedding anniversary
Theatre with The Child



Happy anniversary Keith and Wor Lass


Hmmm, not much going on today. Got some stock to use, so might make a soup or something. Probably go for a walk as it looks beautiful out there

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Hope Virgin Media comes back soon cause it’s either going into the office or tethering my phone’s data for work



Missed my flight because Ryanair’s computers weren’t working :upside_down_face:

Although according to the whole world this isn’t apparently happening. Bbc have even just done a news report on their fucking rocket.

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I was going into the office anyway, with just a fun detour to the dentist first.

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Same here. I was hoping to get a haircut today, but I can’t do that in the office!

Twitter seems to suggest it’s coming back for some people though


Yeah mine’s just come back, so fingers crossed!

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Hey up!

MrS is having a tooth out so it’s mush for every meal :star_struck:

Taking dog out then going over to work to bang a few displays up and down.

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somehow have no meetings today so gonna pump loadsa tunes and get loads of work done so I can coast through the rest of the week



not sure if cold or hayfever :sneezing_face:

Thought it was Wednesday. It isn’t!

Gonna do a tuna and not do all my work.


Been waking up at like half five or something for about two weeks now, sick of it, I’m knackered

Exactly this.

Morning DiS,

In the office but it’s my last working day of the week so it’s not too bad.

Good run in, sun was shining, barrier at Keele services southbound still broke so saved 15 mins off my journey time by getting on the M6 there. No school traffic too which was a bonus.

Did pull a muscle in my neck drying my hair this morning though :frowning:

It might be sunny, but it’s fricking cold. I’ve had to put my gloves on inside because I’ve got chilly fingers.

We did start making plans for moving my workspace last night though, so hopefully before too long I might be in an upstairs room that gets a bit of sun at least some times during the day, which will be warmer than where I am now in literally the coldest spot in the house

Nearly made the most boring post in history, so you’re welcome.

One bairn has not stopped talking since he got up. The other one is headed to nursery shortly.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the above is what you come to this website for.

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Too much to give a shit about, no desire to do so.

Tomorrow is going to be one hell of an awkward meeting at work too, so gotta brace for that somehow.

Been awake since 5.30 on and off so that’s nice. Got a fucking ton of beer orders from the website overnight for some reason so I’ve stuck the ol’ pop punk playlist on nice and loud and am packing boxes like my life depended on it. Hopefully have some time later to fuck about on the internet.