🎃 Tuesday

Alright? What’s in store for today?


Pre op appointment

Because im an broke idiot i need to hike 2hrs total to and from the bus stop on an empty stomach with no reprice in site on that front

Commiting refund fraud just to get food :joy: waitong for that to come in - ive never wanted a refund more in my life

Hope i dont get wet

Panic attacks

On the brink of another outbursts

Dealing with wothdrawls (see idiot earlier)

Not having a good time
At least the combined travel to get to the appointment will be so long that i have effectively got the day off work i guess

Feel like im going to start crying at any moment

Want to sack the whole shit in tbqfh

Sorry to hear that

Hope you receive all the help you need and wishing you the fortitude to get to where you need to go (in a metaphorical sense, not just the hospital).



Full day of academic tours around the Irk Valley.
I have 4 kids over on tuesdays after school until bedtime so should probably chuck up some sort of halloween decoration
Then about 3 hours to start and finish my first essay :pensive:
Prep for big interview tomorrow

Woken all sinus-y and gross, the sort of blocked nose that makes your face hurt. Lovely.

Flu jab today (!)

No voice still :face_exhaling: did some admin tasks which I’m proud of as task paralysis ruined my life but this time I refused to think and just did it

Ah man, really hoping the day goes easy on you. Best of best wishes to you.

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I somehow have a cold?! I’ve had covid and now my second cold in the space of 6 weeks. Urgh.

I’m getting a sourdough kit delivered today cause I need a new hobby to do during very boring job hunting. I should enjoy my unemployment at least a little bit?

maybe the scariest day of them all.

Online training course day… WooOOOooOOooo!! :scream:


Think I might have got caught doing about 60 in a 40 zone this morning. BoooOOOOOoooooOOOOOO.

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Gym at lunch
Spanish class
Mandy, Indiana

In that order!


Tidy tidy tidy aka bung everything out of sight into cupboards before dad arrives on Friday :face_with_peeking_eye:

Just got home

Need to sleep for a million years

I’m off work today and tomorrow. Was looking at going to Belgium but it was too expensive. I thought about cancelling the leave but then I just… couldn’t.

Going to a mystery film screening at 6pm and then got a ticket to an online comedy show. Until then though??? Just watching YouTube videos about nice places in Europe. Might go somewhere not as nice here but I don’t know…

Lost my return tram ticket home didn’t I though. Swear this happens every time


Just had my porridge.

Take doggo for a walk in a little bit. Might clean my bikes if its dry this afternoon.

Being dragged to see Fall Out Boy tonight. Absolutely dog shit band.

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Got a shit day that I cannot be arsed with. Got a meeting at two to demonstrate how to use some components DESPITE ME HAVING ALREADY WRITTEN AND PROVIDED THE DOCUMENTATION FOR THEM INCLUDING VIDEOS YOU FUCKING TWATS

Got to go to the office because we’ve got no toilet (due to repairs). In a rush need to be there by 10

Got a Halloween quiz later, I think we’ve all agreed none of us can be arsed dressing up.

Halloween’s a weird one for me now. 5 years today since we lost Joan (stepdad’s mum), which is super sad.

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happy halloween dis!

went to watch the bug club at work last night and drank a bit more than i had planned to which i just cannot do any more, and has led to a night of utterly dogshit sleep and just horrific overwhelming anxiety/guilt/shame, so i guess i’m having an appropriately scary day :weary:

bug club were fun tho

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